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His & Hers Watches For The Perfect Couple

FInding the perfect his and hers watch can be a bit of a challenge. Most watch manufacturers focus on either him or her, but never both at the same time. Especially when it comes to matching watches for him and her.

That is why I decided to go on the hunt to find all the options that are available online right how – from the downright affordable, to the slightly more expensive and stylish.

So, without further ado, here are 10 options you can surprise the love of your life with…

Affordable His & Hers Watches For Couples

1. Carnival Chic For Him & Her Watches

TEINTOP Carnival Couple Mechanical Watches Men and Women for Her or His Set of 2 (Rose Gold Black)

Carnival have a specific set of his and hers watches that will add a little bling to your life!

This matching pair of watches for couples both featured a two-tone stainless steel bracelet with a rose gold colored bezel. The face is a deep black with inlaid rhinestones as hour markers, with the mens having more space for Roman numerals every 3 hours.

They have added a petite date window on the ladies, and a day/date function on the mens.

All in all this is a stylish set of watches for couples heading out on the town is going to love!

2. Akribos XXIV His & Hers Watches

Akribos XXIV Men's and Women's Watch Matching Set - His and Her and Crystal Filled Watch Roman Numerals with Date Window on Stainless Steel Silver Bracelet - AK888

If you want something affordable, stand-out and matching exactly, this watch set for him and her from Akribos XXIV is going to tick all the boxes.

It’s similar to the Carnival model above only more subdued in an all silver (there is also an all gold model). This watch still shines though with crystals embedded all around the bezel and a clean face that is easy to read and old-school with Roman numerals.

Akribos have also provided a day/date function at 3 o’clock, to help you remember those important anniversaries too.

3. Casio His & Hers Watches
(Ref: MQ24-1B2/LQ139A-1)

Casio #MQ24-1B2/LQ139A-1 Men and Women's Classic Analog Watches

Casio have also dived into the his and hers watches arena with this clean and stylish black/gold pair. They are not exactly the same, but they are certainly a great pair of watches for couples.

They have easy to read gold numerals around the dial, with matching hands. The mens has a linked metal band, while the ladies has a rubber black band to match

All in all this is a pair of watches for couples that love all things black. At least in my opinion!

4. Dreaming QC His & Hers Romantic Watches

Romantic His and Hers Watches - fq102 Stainless Steel Pair Hearts Wristwatches for Men Women Set of 2

If you want to buy something for that someone special in your life, perhaps for an upcoming anniversary, these watches might be perfect. Unlike the other watches in this list, they are designed to go together, rather than be a perfect match.

In fact, when you bring them next to each other, they spell “Love” within a curved silver heart, adding that little something extra. They are also not the same color, but black and white, which is complementary and adds to the “his and hers” effect.

And if this particular variant doesn’t suit your taste, there are quite a few other options in terms of both color and band.

5. BURKER Adam & Eve Watches

BURKER Adam & Eve Men and Women Watch Gift Set - Matching Waterproof Couple Wristwatch - Stainless Steel Quartz Watches with Adjustable Strap - Fashionable Modern Design Gadgets - Silver and Black

For the couple that wants a more modern and minimalistic set of watches, these Adam and Eve watches from Burker are a great option.

The Bauhaus style slim hour markers and hands along with the almost empty face, make for a clean design that will go with almost anything. Add to that the mesh stainless steel band and thin case, and you have a design that really works.

Burker have produced this matching set of his and hers watches with three variations as well. That includes a linked band in silver and all black.

6. Tonnier His & Hers Watches

Tonnier Stainless Steel Slim Black Mesh Band Couple Watches His and Hers Watches for Lovers Set of 2 Deep Blue Face

Tonnier have produced a similar set of his and hers watches. In this case with a far more bold dial color – ice blue. The style of the face is again very bauhaus with slightly less slim hour markers and hands, but nonetheless minimalistic.

This set also comes in a variety of colors, including another more purple/blue color, an all-black and a gold with white face.

7. Timex Weekender His & Hers

Timex Unisex TWC027600 Weekender 38mm Cream/Black Nylon Slip-Thru Strap Watch
Timex Women's T2N836 Weekender Blue Nylon Slip-Thru Strap Watch

The Timex Weekender is a classic every day watch that will be wearing on your wrist for years. They have both a 31mm version for the ladies, and a larger 38mm version for men. So, you can easily find matching watches for couples!

Each watch comes in a huge variety of colors and bands so that you can mid and watch to your own style. The only thing holding you back is how much time you have to explore the whole collection!

Mid-Range His & Hers Watches

8. Seiko His & Hers Tank Watch
(SUP250 & SUP880)

Seiko Men's SUP880 Analog Display Japanese Quartz Black Watch

These Seiko SUP series watches are a homage to the classic Cartier Tank watch that is way out of most people’s price range. Seiko has produced two watches here that are a perfect his and hers pair.

The stylish rectangular face is popular with many people because it screams class and stye and works with both business attire and out on the town. The Roman numerals around the dial are curved to match the shape and the black leather band compliments the whole set up.

Inside both watches is Seiko’s solar movement which charges as you wear it, so you won’t have to worry about changing the battery every few years. A plus I think we can all appreciate.

His Watch (SUP880)

Hers Watch (SUP250)

9. Citizen Corso His & Hers Watches
(AW1236-03A & FE1086-04A)

Citizen Eco-Drive Corso Mens Watch, Stainless Steel with Leather strap, Classic, Black (Model: AW1236-03A)
Citizen Eco-Drive Corso Quartz Womens Watch, Stainless Steel with Leather strap, Classic, Black (Model: FE1086-04A)

Citizen’s Corso range of watches has a huge selection of matching his and hers watches. The ones featured here are just one option, but a great one at that.

The clean white and gold face with silver case is a stylish option for everyday wear. The alligator leather band matches them perfectly to give you a dress watch that anyone would be happy to wear.

And to top it all off, Citizen loves using their Eco-drive technology which means your watch charges from the sun and you don’t have to worry about changing batteries!

His Watch

His Watch

10. Certina His & Hers Automatic Watches
(C006-207-11-051-00 & C006.407.11.051.00)

Certina Men's Watches DS 1 C006.407.11.051.00 - 2
Certina Women's Automatic Watch C006-207-11-051-00

Certina are not a brand many think of when it comes to Swiss watches, but I have been happily wearing mine for over a decade. They are an affordable option for those wanting a Swiss automatic watch without spending a fortune.

This pair of matching his and hers watches are almost identical, except for the placement of the date window (at 6 o’clock on the ladies, at 4-5 o’clock on the mens).

Of course, you get quality material and craftsmanship when you buy a Swiss made watch, you get a Swiss automatic movement inside, with a display back on the case so you can see if ticking away. You also get a scratch-resistance sapphire crystal which is worth it’s weight in gold. It also comes with 100m water resistance so you can safely take it swimming without a worry too!

His Watch

Hers Watch