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The art of wearing a watch originally stemmed from practicality and unsurprisingly, wanting to know the time. Aside from their timekeeping.


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Steve Carell spotted wearing the Rolex black dial watch

Watches Worn in the Big Short

If you cast your mind back to 2008, you might remember crashing markets, soaring inflation rates, and oil hitting an all-time high of $147 a barrel, the financial crisis of 2008 was terrifically captured in…

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Sylvester 'Sly' Stallone wearing the Piaget Polo gold watch in Tulsa King.

Watches Worn in Tulsa King

In the fictional series, ‘The Sopranos’, the antihero Anthony John Soprano (or just Tony Soprano) wears what can be described as the gangster watch. Gold bracelet, gold bezel, and even a gold dial, the 18k…

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warren buffett watches

Warren Buffett’s Watches

Watch connoisseurs love exploring what timepieces their favorite celebrities have in their collections. More often than not, the watches celebs wear reflect their personality and style. For example, Tom Hanks wears watches that reflect his…

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watches jason statham

Watches Jason Statham Wears

Sometimes, in the history of Hollywood, the planets have aligned just right for a star to be born. The legendary Lana Turner was discovered while buying a soda at a malt shop. Marylin Monroe was…

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tom hanks watches

Tom Hanks’ Watches

Tom Hanks is an all-American likable guy both on and off the screen. Hanks discovered his passion for acting while attending college in his home state of California. He later relocated to New York City…

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Dwayne Johnson's watches

Dwayne Johnson Watches

Tinsel Town’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a watch collection as impressive as the feats he performs to save the world in his action-packed movies. And as one of the world’s top 10 highest-paid celebrities,…

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best watch forums

Best Watch Forums

Over the years, forums have provided an outlet for horology enthusiasts and watch collectors to discuss and share their passion for luxury watches. These discussion boards have flourished despite the upsurge in dynamic social media…

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