What is Casio Illuminator?

Casio Illuminator, and Super Illuminator are illuminations used on Casio watches like light up the watch in various ways for easier reading.

Super Illiuminator vs Illuminator

The Super Illuminator is a bright LED that lights up the entire face and is so bright you can actually use it to light up things around you.

The older UV or Neon Illuminator is used on watches to activate the lume on things like the hands and hour markers. It is not very bright, but helps you read your watch in the dark.

Illuminator Variations

Depending on the model of the watch the Illuminator could be a push-button LED and/or an automatic LED that turns on with the tilt of your wrist. There are also variations seen with the Illuminator such as the ability to set the time it stays on (1,3,5 seconds).