If you have recently purchased an Automatic watch, or maybe plan on grabbing yourself one soon, you might be wondering if you have to wind it?

The answer to that question is simple, yet more complex than just a yes or no.

Let me explain?

What is an Automatic Watch?

An automatic watch is a mechanical watch, without a battery, that winds itself via the motion of your arm. This works because there is a large rotor (ie. weight) in the movement of the watch that moves as you swing your arm and winds the spring in the watch.

This leads to the question of how you can wind such an automatic watch

How To Wind An Automatic Watch?

There are three ways you can wind an automatic watch:

  1. Wind it by wearing it on your wrist for a longer period of time.
  2. Manually wind it via the crown if the watch has such an ability.
  3. Put it on a watch winder that keeps the watch moving to wind it.

So, let’s break that all down a little further through a simple FAQ.

How Often Should You Wear An Automatic Watch To Keep It Charged?

An automatic watch will continue to function provided you wear it regularly. How long you can leave an automatic watch without wearing it depends on how much charge it can store.

This is defined by the manufacturer and called the Power Reserve. Most automatic watches have a minimum of 1-2 days charge, with some very expensive ones have a lot more.

Once this charge is expended, the watch will stop running but can be recharged by moving or wearing it again.

Can All Automatic Watches Be Manually Wound?

Many of the more affordable automatic watches do not have manual winding built-in. However, as you climb the chain in watch brands and models, you will find that more expensive models have it built-in.

When it is built-in, you can normally wind your watch by turning the crown anti-clockwise.

Can You Wind An Automatic Watch By Shaking It?

YOu can always wind your automatic watch a bit by moving it quickly back and forth in a large arch in the air. For example, 30 seconds is usually enough to get a stopped watch started.

After that, you should wear it on your wrist for the day to wind it further.