Last Updated:  April 1st, 2021

Jack Mason Watches Review
(Straight Outta Texas)

Jack Mason is not a name most people associate with watches. 

But if you are in the market for a stylish, reasonably-priced timepiece to slap on your wrist, then their watches are definitely worth a look.

They have taken all the usual suspects in terms of watch designs (diver, field, chronograph etc) and applied a little of their own unique style to them. Much of it is based on their Texan heritage and includes some special one-time designs to match.

The most unique elements of their design and offering, in my opinion are the following. First, they have given us a very simple quick release method to change the strap, meaning you can easily change the look of your watch in seconds. Something that annoys many a watch owner with the standard, almost impossible to remove pins.

On top of this, they have mixed some unusual elements in some of their designs like a wide date window, a square second sub-dial and a few others.

And lastly, they offer a 10 year warranty on all manufacturing defects (so, no, you can’t just smash your watch and expect a new one) – so truly putting their money where their design is.

If this sounds like a watch brand that you might be interested in, let’s take a closer look at their most popular models…

1. Jack Mason Aviator

Jack Mason Men's Watch Aviator Brown Italian Leather Strap JM-A101-004

Jack Mason’s Aviator combines some of the classic pilot watch style with a few unique touches of their own.

The arrow and two dots at 12 o’clock is classic German Flieger (pilot) watch style, as is the clear hour markers and outer minute train. They have also added a pilot style crown, large and easy to grab, with a taper towards the case.

This watch has a few non-standard pilot additions like the Swiss Super-Luminova markers at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock as well the smaller markers above the other hours. There is also date window at 6 o’clock. But let’s be honest, updating the pilot watch and making it more utilitarian is more than welcome.

There are a few other nice details they have added to this watch like the screw down case-back with propellers (nice aviator touch) and the Texas star stamped on the crown. Jack Mason provide this watch in a variety of styles with both leather and nylon straps and sizes (38mm and 42mm)

Note: The Aviator comes in a Quartz (this model) and an Automatic/Self-winding also

2. Jack Mason Racing Chronograph

Jack Mason Chronograph Mens Watches (Navy & Steel Racing w/Bracelet Strap)

The chronograph is iconic in the watch world. And when you combine it with a tachymeter ring and a wide date window – you get Jack Mason’s Racing Chronograph.

The styling of this watch is quite stunning – with only a minute and hour sub-dial, using the second hand for the rest. The wide date window is a nice design element you won’t find on many watches, and the overall aesthetic of the fine minute markers just adds to the racing feel of the watch.

Jack Mason always provides their watches in a nice variety of styles with stainless steel and leather bands and a choice of dial colors (including the Texas red, white and blue).

3. Jack Mason Diver

Diving 3H SS Navy Dial w/SS Bracelet

Like many watch companies, Jack Mason has modelled their Diver on the most iconic of all – the Rolex Submariner. The circular hour markers, 0-15 dive bezel markers, and even the design of the hands are all “Rolex”. I would go as far as to call this a real Submariner homage.

There are, of course, some unique elements to this watch including the jubilee band, the caseback with the diver’s helmet and the easily removable strap are hallmarks of the brand. They have also applied the Swiss Super-luminova lume to the hour markers and hands, to seriously help legibility in the dark.

All in all though, this is a typical divers watch with a surprising 300m water resistance (so great for really diving with) and it looks stunning as well. And for the price, you get  something that will last you for years to come.

4. Jack Mason Field

Field Sub Second 38mm SS Navy Dial Brown Leather Strap

The field watch is another classic and simplistic design in the watch world. Originally used by military and outdoor enthusiasts, it is now something we can all enjoy as an everyday beater on our wrist.

Jack Mason has taken the design of the field watch, with the simple Arabic hour markers and minute train, and added a fun squared sub-dial for the second hand and placed it at 6 o’clock.

The usual Supernova Luminova markings help make this easy to read in the dark, and adding Jack Mason’s own Texas-based branding have created a very stylish watch indeed. At 38mm, this watch will suit anyone with a small to medium sized wrist. 

And, you can choose from a wide range of dials and straps (leather and nylon as you would expect in a classic field watch).  

5. Jack Mason Women's Nautical Chronograph

Jack Mason Women's Chronograph Watch Nautical Dark Brown Italian Leather Strap JM-N202-008

I know, watch blogs like this are very male-oriented. So, I wanted to cover at least one women’s model as well. This particular 3 sub-dial chronograph got my attention because the styling is so stunning.

Classic chronograph in its design, this watch has 3 sub-dials at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, with a subtle date window below the bottom sub-dial. The gray dial with the red sub-dials is a surprising, but brilliant design decision, and mirror by the red second hand.

The prominent gold pushers, either side of the crown, blend well with the simple, round steel case.

The watch is sized perfectly for women at 36mm, and has a quick change Jack Mason 18mm leather strap. So, if you want to mix it up with a different outfit, it won’t take a watch-specialist to change the strap