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Komono Watches Reviewed - Fashion & Time Combined

You have probably never heard of the Komono brand, or maybe you just stumbled across them?

They are certainly not Rolex, or even Casio. But what they certainly are is a stylish brand that makes some seriously good looking watches that are very affordable.

The company was founded by Raf Maes and Anton Janssens in Belgium back in 2009, and they certainly made a splash. Their sleek looking watches are stylish, minimalistic and pushing the boundaries of what watches should look like.

Want to get to know their range a little better, and see how good (or bad) these watches really are?

Let’s take a look…

Komono Men's Watches

The Winston Range

The minimalistic Winston range comes in a huge range of colors and materials and could work for almost any occassion.

From the all black, all blue or all red Quartz stainless steel, the wood-faced gold to the classic white face. This range has something for everyone.

Komono Winston Range

So, as you can see, there is a huge variety of colors, but that is not where it ends.

They also have a wide range of watch band colors and materials as well, just in case you can’t decide.

Some of the strap materials include:

As far as quality goes, these watches use nice materials including brushed and stainless steel (and gold on some), calf’s leather and Japanese Quartz for the watch movement. 

The focus is of course on style, but if you are not fussed about complex watch mechanics or the finest platinum or diamonds, these watches will no disappoint.

The Lewis Range

The Lewis Range has a slightly more modern look with the numbers, both hours and minutes, circling the face.

The color range is also a little more modern, and there are fewer to choose from (never a bad thing I think as it makes it easier to choose).

Komono Lewis Range

So, as you can see, there are 7 styles to choose from at the moment, and each has a strap that nicely compliments the watch.

I especially love the midnight blue (last one on the right) and the stone style gray ones. Very unique and stylish!

komono watches

The Walther Range

The Walther Range is all class and comes with a full date and calendar functionality that you are going to love!

The style of this watch range is more for those looking for sophistication and a more dressy look, but there are also a few that fall into the more casual style as well.

Komono Walther Range

There are also a few bands to choose from, each matching the style of the face. From metal mesh to leather, Komono have you covered.

Komono Women's Watches

The Moneypenney Range

The Moneypenny Range is elegance at it’s finest. With a very small watch face, this is going to suit people who want to make a statement, but not too obviously. Also, it’s great for the ladies with smaller wrists, as it is not overbearingly large like a lot of modern watches.

Keeping with the elegant feel, there are only a few options with this watch, all of them with an expensive look about them, often centered around gold and silver.

komon moneypenny range

The Estelle Range

The Estelle range is women’s version of the Winston for men. Meaning, there are dozens of options: colors, straps and styles. The ones pictured below are only about half of what they have (and they are always adding more).

This is a watch you can wear with almost anything and buy lots of straps to match any outfit in your wardrobe!

komono estelle range

How Good Are These Watches?

One thing you have to remember with the Komono watches are that they are focused on fashion, style and a unique look. 

They are no $5000 Rolex watches.

They will last you a while, if you look after them, but the materials used, although decent quality, are not “top of the line”.

Some buyers on Amazon have complained of broken watches or bands when they received them, but Komono happily replaces them as would any manufacturer online. They have a 1 year Warranty which is decent enough for the price.

What is great about this brand is the sheer variety, looks, bands and colors. They are designed to look great and different to a lot of brands out there, and I think they achieve that in all regards.

Take a look on Amazon at the choice you have, and the price (which is very reasonable for a nice looking watch like this) and I am sure you will be surprised!