The Orient Bambino is a class dress watch that you will often catch a glimpse of. It’s clean, simple and unique style, combined with the affordable price have made this watch very popular.

There are four main versions of the watch, with two additional special versions added in the second generation. Speaking of which, the Bambino has had an update which they refer to as Generation 2.

 So, if you are in the market for a Bambino then this is the guide for you.

I will show you all the models that are available, the key differences and important specifications. Each is broken down into easy to find sections.

The Orient Bambino - 5 Versions of Generation 2

The five versions of the Bambino refer to the various styles of the watch. The main differences between them are in the dial with things such as the hour markers, the hands and the dial color. However, there are also differences in some of the crowns and slight differences in the watch case as well.

Orient Bambino Version 1 Generation 2 - FAC00005W0

Bambino Version 1

Version 1 is perhaps the classic Bambino with the clean rhomboid hour markers and matching hand color and case. The rest of the dial is very clean except for the outline to the date window, which seems a little out of character in this very simple model.

There are three white dial versions with silver, gold and rose gold cases. And there is also a black dial with silver or rose gold case.

Orient Bambino Version 1 Generation 2 - FAC00002W0
orient bambino version1 generation2 FAC00001B0
Orient Bambino Version 1 Generation 2 - FAC00004B0
Orient Bambino Version 1 Generation 2 - FAC00003W0-1

Bambino Version 2

orient bambino version2 generation2 FAC00009W0

Version 2 is more of an old-school watch with Roman numerals and a more prominent minute marker train with two lines around the outside of the dial. The finer hands are also less obtrusive in this version, although often still match the overall color scheme of the case and hour markers (not all models though).

The case is also noticeably thicker around the dial with a larger, tapered crown, that suits it very well.

orient bambino version2 generation2 FAC00009N9
orient bambino version2 generation2 FAC00008W0
orient bambino version2 generation2 FAC00007W0
orient bambino version2 generation2 FAC0000AB0

Bambino Version 3

orient bambino version3 generation2 FAC0000EW0

Version 3 is another very clean and simple version of the Bambino, but this model is ultra-modern (or some would call Bauhaus inspired). 

The dial has a slight sunburst to it (although far less then Version 4 below). The silver hour markers are right on the edge and straight as an arrow. The Hands are the same, with an almost block-like look because of the square ends. This is of course one of the many hat tips to Bauhaus. The logo is also sliver to match the rest of the design, which is a nice touch.

The cases are all stainless steel, with no gold or rose gold options. Somehow, it just would not make sense. And the crown is more of a modern squared-off look like the rest of the watch. 

orient bambino version3 generation2 FAC0000EW0
orient bambino version3 generation2 FAC0000DB0
orient bambino version3 generation2 FAC0000CA0
orient bambino version3 generation2 FAC0000DD0

Bambino Version 4

orient bambino version4 generation2 FAC08004D0

Version 4 is similar to version 3 but with more of the original thicker hands and hour markers thrown in. The markers are quite unique though, with a rounded shape to them. The hands and markers are again all matching (and the case in two of the models). The Date window also has a border in this model like version 1.

The dial is probably the most stunning feature of this version with a starburst color added for flair.

The third model below is probably the most outstanding with the leather strap matching the color of the hands and markers, and a silver colored case to compliment it all.

orient bambino version4 generation2 FAC08002F0
orient bambino version4 generation2 FAC08003A0

Bambino Small Seconds

orient bambino small hands RN AP0002S10A

Orient have take the popular Bambino and put a few spins on the standard models. The first to be released was the Bambino with a sub-dial for the seconds instead of a third hand.

The design has also been modified slightly with hour markers similar to version 4 (slightly rounded) but arabic numerals also placed at 3,6,9 and 12 o’clock. The minute train is subtle around the case edge, as is the date window which is perhaps the smallest of all the models.

orient bambino small hands RN AP0004S10A
orient bambino small hands RN AP0003S10A
orient bambino small hands RN AP0001S10A
orient bambino small hands RN AP0005B10A

Bambino Open Heart

orient bambino open heart RA AG0002S10A

Bambino Open Heart is a slightly different take on the Version 4 Bambino. The dial looks very similar in terms of it’s clean and simple style and rounded markers, but this one is missing a date window. Instead, it has a skeleton watch style open section showing the internal workings of the movement. This is at the 9 o’clock position and certainly makes a big dent in the face. You will either love it or hate it.

orient bambino open heart RA AG0003S10A
orient bambino open heart RA AG0001S10A
orient bambino open heart RA AG0004B10A
orient bambino open heart RA AG0005L10A

Bambino Version 5

ORIENT Men's 'Bambino Version 5' Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Watch, Color:Black (Model: RA-AC0003S10A)

Orient love improving and adding to the Bambino collection, almost like it was one of their babies! Ok, enough with the Italian puns, this is the latest update to the Bambino – Version 5, released in late 2018.

There are two distinct models in this release, the first is a classy, affordable dress watch which is a minimalistic as it is stylish. It comes in three flavors, all with white dials and black hands, albeit leaf-shaped, which is a new design for the Orient Bambino. The indicies are also using a new serif style font, which also has a touch of cursive, matching closely the dotted minute train around the dial. 

Otherwise, they are very simple dress watches which make a statement, despite their minimalism. You can choose with stainless steel or rose and gold coated steel.

The second style they have released is an all stainless steel version, both case and band. This is a big change for Orient, who have previously only created Bambinos with leather straps.

The case is very similar, with the slight onion crown being a stand-out feature, but the dial on these models is more like the Version 4 dial, but slightly different again. Both the hands and indicies are tapered, and there are no numerals anywhere on the dial. The colors are also more in line with a stainless steel watch, with black, blue and cream, with steel hands on the darker model and a stunning blue set of hands on the white. This model is also slightly more expensive than the above version.

The Orient Bambino - Generation 1 vs 2
The Differences

The Movement

The most significant change between Bambino Generation 1 and 2 was the updated movement.

The original Bambino Generation 1 used the Orient 48743 movement. It was a reliable and durable automatic movement with date function.

The Generation 2 upgraded the movement to the Orient cal. F6724 which is a 22 jewel automatic movement with date function. However, it also included hacking and hand-winding. Most people will appreciate the ability to hand-wind, because automatic watches have this weakness of running out of power when you don’t wear them for a few days.

Note: The Small Seconds uses the F6222 movement, a sibling of the F6724 which obviously needs some slight changes for the sub-dial.

orient bambino generation 1 water resist
orient bambino generation 2 water resistance

Visual Changes

The other main change Orient made on the Generation 2 was to correct what many considered to be a bit of a typo on the bottom of the dial.

At 6 o’clock on the Generation 1 dial were the words “Water Resist”. This is obviously a little off, and should have read “Water Resistance”. Which, as of Generation 2 it now does.

The Orient Bambino - Generation 1 & 2
Shared Features

orient bambino dimensions

40.5mm diameter

21mm strap width

Note: Version 4 is larger (42mm, 22mm respectively)

Watch Dimensions

All of the Bambinos except for the Version 4 share the same watch dimensions. Some are a little odd, like the case dimension being a bit larger than most dress watches (which are normally below 40mm). 

However it still sits and looks great for a dress watch. The band width is also less than normal, making it marginally harder to find replacement straps. Here are the dimensions (except Version 4).

Case: 40.5mm diameter, 12mm width  (42mm diameter, 11.8mm width for Version 4)

Strap: 21mm, (22mm for Version 4)

orient bambino dome crystal

Dome Mineral Crystal

One of the features the Bambino is known for is it’s large domed crystal window. As you can see in the image above, the dome is nearly as high as the watch is thick. It creates quite an effect, to the point where some people even claim that the second hand is bent. Such is the curve of the glass.

All Bambinos share this feature and is one of the truly unique and impressive ones this dress watch has that stands out from the crowd.

orient bambino screw down caseback
orient bambino crown

Screw-down Caseback & Signature Crown

Another nice finish to the Bambino is the screw-down caseback. You can see the Gen 2 in the image above. The Generation 1 was similar but a slightly different shape.

All Bambinos also feature the Orient logo emblazoned on the metal.

orient bambino strap buckle

Leather Strap with Stamped Buckle

Completing the elegant look of the Bambino line is the leather band with the Orient stamped buckle. This gives the strap just a little more class, if that is even necessary on such a classic watch.