Last Updated:  April 1st, 2021
Dean winchester watches supernatural

Dean Winchester (Supernaturals) Watches – What Does He Own?

The Winchester brothers Sam and Dean travel the USA looking for the supernatural and finding ways to eliminate it.

They were taught by their father to be soldiers after their mother was taken by a mysterious paranormal force.

There are a lot of weapons, both knives and guns in the show, but what most people want to know is – what watch is Dean Winchester wearing?

Dean Winchester's Watches

Hamilton Field Khaki Titanium

dean winchester hamilton field

The latest watch that Dean Winchester is wearing in Supernatural season 12 and 13 is the Hamilton Field Khaki Titanium.

This is a very simple looking watch with a nylon band, however it does feature a Swiss automatic movement inside, Sapphire glass and is 100m (330ft) water resistant. So, packs a punch in terms of quality and features.

Hamilton Men's HML-H70575733 Khaki Field Black Dial Watch

Suunto Core

One of the Suuntos that Dean has been spotted wearing is the ever-popular Suunto Core in Black. This is also the watch Denzel Washington chose to wear in the Equalizer recently.

This is one of Suunto lovers favorite models, and it’s no surprise that a practical lad like Dean is wearing a Suunto watch in most of the series.

SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch - SS014279010

Suunto Vector


The watch Dean has been seen with the most is the Suunto Vector. He wears the black version, but it is quite hard to come by these days because Suunto has moved on with the Ambit3 and the Core (more on that above).

Here are a few specs from one of the many colors you can get in the Suunto Vector:

SUUNTO Vector Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Thermometer (Yellow)

MTM Black Patriot

Suunto is not all that Dean wears, he has also been seen wearing some more classic non-digital watches like the MTM Special Ops Black Patriot.

Dean Winchester mtm special ops

Other Watches Dean Wears

I have also read on various forums that Dean has been seen wearing a Luminox Navy Black, although I have not found any specific screenshots of him with that model.

4 thoughts on “Dean Winchester (Supernaturals) Watches – What Does He Own?”

  1. I would love to find out what watch Henry Winchester’s Sam and Dean’s grandfather from the past that traveled to the future because he was in the men of letters. Wanted to find out what type of watch Henry Winchester is wearing i can’t find the info anywhere. The time period he is supposed to be from the 1940s looked all stainless or white gold, pretty thin, Ect. Would be super happy to find out if possible. Thank you so much, love all the other info the Hamilton khaki is an incredible watch. Thank you 🙂

    1. It’s the Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle bo. There’s a 39mm and a 44mm version of the watch. Hard to tell which one he wears though. I own one and love it!

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