Last Updated:  April 1st, 2021
timberland watches

Timberland Watches Review
(As Good As Their Boots)

I know what you are thinking. Timberland makes watches? Seriously?

Timberland are renowned for their great boots and high end outdoor oriented clothing. And they have certainly made a name for themselves with that over the years. Now they also have watches, and it is a category that we have not seen from them before.

However, that does not mean they don’t know how to make them. Like any great company, all they need to do is invest in the right people and equipment and anything is possible.

Timberland have kept (mostly) to their usual ethos of quality combined with their earthy tones. Their range of watches varying from the simple to the sometimes bizarre in terms of design. All of them, however, are super-affordable and definitely worth your time (pun intended). Now, let’s take closer a look at some of the watches they have on offer and see if they make the cut.

1. Timerland Pinkerton

Timberland 14399XS-07 Mens Pinkerton Tan Leather Strap Watch

One of the simplest designs on offer from Timberland, the Pinkerton is a great daily beater that you can wear with almost anything. Of course, the color is typical Timberland with the rustic beige, calf leather strap and cream dial.

The branding is quite prevalent on this watch, which might not suit some people, but it is done tastefully enough to match the rest of the black, hollow numbers and our markers on the face.

There is nothing noteworthy on this watch, except perhaps the size – at 50mm, this is a watch for the purely “large of wrist”.

It is a simple, super affordable (sub 100 dollar) watch that you can throw on your wrist for work or when you are out on the town – provided you don’t wear a suit that is!

2. Timberland Bennington Multifunction

Timberland Mens Waterproof Outdoor Bennington Watch Brown Leather Strap Beige Multifunction Dial Stainless Steel Case Quartz Wristwatch

Heading far away from the simplicity of the model above, the Bennington is a watch that will suit those that like a little more function in a watch.

Starting with the calendar, included in two of the sub-dials, as well as the 24 hour indicator, which is something for those who work more in the military (or Europe where they love 24 hour time). The Bennington also has a tachymeter on the bezel, which if used to its fullest, can help you make variety of interesting calculations on the fly.

This watch is also a little bolder in its design, but thankfully more realistic in its size at 45mm diameter. The crown is well protected by integrated guards and the water-proofing is decent at 100m, so this is one for the more active out there. My only concern is the leather band, which won’t do well when you sweat on it constantly!

3. Timberland Henniker

Timberland Men's TBL14816JLU02A HENNIKER II Analog Display Analog Quartz Brown Watch

The Henniker starts to stray a little from the Timberland style by featuring darker and more bold colors on the dial. Black is the dominant color, with nice touches of red throughout, giving it a thoroughly modern feel.

In terms of function, it has a date window, albeit a subtle one, at about 4 o’clock. The sub-dials, stacked vertical in this case, give you the day of the week, 24hr time as well as a sub-dial for setting a second time zone. Something travelers will love!

The bezel features the typical dive styling, with the first 15 minutes being the most important and prominent, although in this case I can’t imagine the bezel actually rotates, so it is only style, and no function.

All in all this is a far more modern watch that anyone who loves a chronograph or dive watch style will love. And when combined with the dark stitched leather band, still looks stylish and a little old-school.

4. Timberland Chronograph

Timberland Men's 13612JSSB/03M Analog Chronograph 3 Hands Date Watch

This is one of the least “Timberland” Chronograph watches in terms of style, but those looking for a true chronograph timer will be please. The 3 sub-dials give you hours, minutes and seconds, and are easily started and stopped via the 2 pushers outside the crown.

It’s an all stainless steel affair with a black/blue combination dian and bezel and some stunning yellow accents on the subdial and second hands. That, along with the knurling on the lugs are the modern touches that make this watch stand out from the rest of the more generic Timberland watches above.

Of course, like the rest of the watches in this review, it only sports a quartz movement and mineral crystal, but for the price, what else can you expect?

5. Timberland Chocorua

Timberland Men's 13326JPBS_04 Chocorua Analog 3 Hands Date Watch

Heading in an even more bold direction, the Chocoura combines a typical analog dial with the more sporty case you would expect on something like a Casio G-shock.

They have gone a little left-field on this model, with the hour markers although invisible on the dial. However, if you want something more unique, it certainly fits the bill. The blue branding and minute train stand out for sure, and the case will certainly keep your watch protected.

The specs say the glass is mineral with a sapphire coating, which should help reduce scratches as well. The only thing that keeps this from being a stand-out sports watch is the leather strap, which I will only repeat in this review – just isn’t a great idea for sports!

6. Timberland Rectangular Chronograph

Timberland Men's TBL_13673JSB_02S Ht3 Digital Chronograph 3 Hands Date Watch

I had to include this watch because it is just so…unique! It reminds me of the Seiko Aliens watches designed for the original Aliens movies by that wacky Italian designer – Giugiaro.

There is a standard 3 sub-dial chronograph on the “normal” dial, and a further 3 digital windows on the left with the time (hour and minute) and day of the week.

There are lots of buttons to play with too: the crown and chrono pushers on the right. And further functions on the left including mode and light.

It’s a bit of a beast of a watch to wear at 56mm, but this watch is not for those looking for something subtle. It is super unique and actually no longer on the Timberland website. So, if you want one, I recommend grabbing them while they are still there on Amazon.