Worthy Seiko Field Watches (That Will Last)

seiko field watches

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seiko field watches

Best Seiko Field Watches
(That Will Last)

Field watches are making a comeback. And Seiko definitely has a lot to offer at very affordable prices. So, in this article, I am going to show you four different Seiko field watches that meet the very loose “field watch” ethos.

In case you have not read much about these kinds of watches before, they are typically:

  • Very robust (shock and water proof)
  • Easy to read (large numerals/markers and high contrast)
  • Have a simple design (ie. no frills on the dial – chronographs and the like) 
  • Usually come with a nylon band that will last in the outdoors
Of course, this is not a specification, so some watches will meet most, but not all of these criteria. And maybe only meet some of them in part. Either way, here are the 4 contenders for Seiko’s best field watches… 

1. Seiko 5 - SNK Series
(SNK805, SNK807, SNK809)

Men's SNK807 SEIKO 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Canvas Band

Men's SNK805 SEIKO 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Green Canvas

The Seiko knows how to produce watches that last, and their Seiko 5 range was created for that very purpose. With their 5 key attributes (water resistance, unbreakable mainspring, shock-resistant design, automatic movement and day/date) you know they will make a good field watch from the outset. Something that could also be called a Seiko military watch.

Although the Arabic numerals on the dial are not as large as with some field watches, they provide both hours and minutes, making time keeping a cinch. They are also super sturdy, easy to wear with a Nato style strap, and super-affordable at the same time. There is no wonder these watches sell like hot cakes!

There are quite a few different colors of this watch – the SNK805, 807 and 809 (blue, black and green) in case you prefer a different color. I have also provided some below which you can click directly on to see the prices on Amazon.


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2. Seiko 5 - SNZG Series

SEIKO Men's Analogue Automatic Watch with Textile Strap SNZG11K1

Another similar Seiko 5 range to the SNKs above is the SNZG series. This particular military watch displayed here is in a beige color, but you can already see the difference between them.

First, the dial has a two-tone coloring, with the minute train having a darker background. It is also significantly wider and more readable. The hands are more plain in style, having a somewhat rectangular shape, and lots of lume.

The crown on this watch is in the standard position, 3 o’clock, which diverges from a lot of Seiko 5s which have it smaller and at 4 o’clock. Not a big deal, but easier to accidentally hit.


[ebay-table search=”Seiko (SNZG07, SNZG09, SNZG11)”]

3. Seiko 5 - SNE329 & SNE331

seiko sne629
seiko sne331

Seiko has invested heavily in solar powered watches over the last few decades and you will find a huge range of them online. They are a nice thing to own because it means little to no maintenance and battery changes over the life of the watch.

The SNE series is their field watch focused models that have a very clear and easy to read dial. The large Arabic numerals every 3 hours are the stand-out on this dial, as are the large rectangular hour markers. With the very clear white on black, it is true to the field watch ethos.

It also comes with a day/date window at 3 o’clock, like many models in this review. Although the font is quite small and might require a bit of a squint to read in low light.


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4. Seiko 5 - SRP623 & SRP625

Seiko 5 SRP625
Seiko 5 SRP623

Yes, Seiko has yet another series of field watches called the SRP623 and SRP625. They are very similar to the SNKs I showed you earlier. These ones a slightly different yet again, but still automatic movement based and in the Seiko 5 range.

This time the hour markers are extremely easy to read and the minutes are relegated to the outer train where they are legible but small.

The contrast on the dial is quite high, but not as stunning as the SNEs above. 

And at 44mm, this is one of the largest field watches on this page. So, if your wrist is small, check out the SNKs above.


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