Forsining Automatic Tourbillon

Forsining Automatic Tourbillon Review: A Bargain Or Trash Worthy?

Forsining watches are affordable. No, actually, they are insanely cheap.

If you look at what they have on offer on Amazon, you will be shocked at what you get for under fifty bucks. I was.

Of course, you are not buying a Rolex here, or even a Seiko for that matter, but it’s amazing what you can produce for such a low price. Even when you include the raw materials alone (metal, leather, battery, glass), it’s still pretty surprising!

That is why I wanted to take a closer look at what you get with a Forsining watch, specifically an automatic that claims to be a tourbillon, something that is usually reserved for watches in the “thousands” of dollars, not tens!


Forsining Men's Tourbillon Calendar Brand Automatic Movement Genuine Leather Strap Best Sales Wrist Watches FSG165M3S4

First, A Little About Forsining

Before we jump into the features, I thought it was worth checking into the company in a little more detail. After all, most of us have probably never even heard of Forsining.

They are actually one of three brands made by Guangzhou Ruixue Watch Company Limited, who started out in 2006, so have a little history in watch making, but not the decades that most have.

Based in Guangzhou in China (of course) this company really started out making watches for the Chinese market, via Alibaba and also produce two other Chinese brands: Winner & Jargar. Again, maybe not brands you have heard of.

Aside from this information, I have not been able to find much more.

It Is Really A Tourbillon?

The thing with Tourbillons is that they are insanely complex and expensive. They are designed to counteract the affect of gravity on the watch movement. This is done by placing the balance wheel and escarpment into a rotating cage of sorts, that usually spins at one revolution per minute. This means that any imperfections in the timing created by gravity are balanced out. Or at least in theory.

There are so many moving parts in a tourbillon that only major players make them, and they are insanely expensive.

This watch has what looks like a tourbillon, but it is actually just a skeletonized dial that aims to look like a Tourbillon. After all, you would not get one for such a low price. 

Forsining Automatic Features

This watch from Forsining seems to come packed with features. Whether they all function is another thing, but it’s impressive to look at. First, it is an automatic, so charges via your arms movement, something that normally costs hundreds of dollars.

Here is a summary of the features:

  • Chinese automatic movement with skeletonized face
  • Seiko Hardlex scratch-resistant acrylic crystal
  • 46×14.5 mm stainless steel case with display back
  • Leather strap with steel buckle
  • Limited water resistance (splash proof)
  • Day, Date, Month, Year on various sub-dials
forsining automatic torbillon-dial
Forsining Automatic Dial
forsining automatic torbillon dial calendar
Forsining Automatic Dial Calendar

The Dial

This is an ultra-modern watch dial with lots of steel and black contrasting one another well. The large pushers and crown on the side add to the look, although they are actually typical stop watch style buttons, they don’t function as such.

The stand out feature on this dial is the golden colored psuedo-tourbillon at the bottom. If you have never heard of one before, they are designed to counteract gravity to keep an automatic watch winding no matter what angle your wrist is at. They are not used very often because of their complexity and it surprises me to see one on this watch.

The full calendar on this dial is also very modern with the two sub-dials featuring the day and date, with the large curved windows at 10 and 2 o’clock showing the month and year.

The black dial has some engraved waves which you can see between 4 and 8 o’clock, however I believe they are also in other areas of the dial. The arabic numbers only appear for odds, and are aligned with the watch case which is a great look.

Chinese watch makers know how to take the best of most brands and produce stunning looking watches. The trick is in keeping them running for years, which they seem not yet to have mastered

Forsining Men's Tourbillon Calendar Brand Automatic Movement Genuine Leather Strap Best Sales Wrist Watches FSG165M3S4
Forsining Men's Tourbillon Calendar Brand Automatic Movement Genuine Leather Strap Best Sales Wrist Watches FSG165M3S4

The Case & Strap

The case is quite large on this watch so it very much suits a larger wrist. Being 46mm in diamater and quite thick at 14.5mm.

It’s a completely polished stainless steel, adding to the modern look I think they were going for. The display back, although not the best I have seen, is also a nice addition.

On the side you have a large crown and two push buttons which are used for changing the date/calendar on the dial. I believe the crown can also be used for hand winding, but I reserve judgement on that without having my hands on one as cheap automatics normally don’t have this function.

The angled edge of the case leading up to the domed Seiko hardlex crystal gives it a very high look as you can see in the first image above.

The strap is nothing special: a simple black stitched “genuine leather” affair, that you may want to change for something more modern later on – like a nato or perlon strap.

The Automatic Movement

There is not a lot of information to be gleamed about the automatic movement in this watch. It appears to hold more than 10 hours change, but how much exactly I have no idea.

It also appears to be hand-winding (because they mention using the crown to wind in the description) but this surprises me as I mentioned above.

Water Resistance

Again, there are no exact specs on the water resistance of this watch. I expect it is only splash proof, so if you buy any watch from Forsining don’t forget to take it off when you wash the dishes. I don’t expect it will last long under water.

Final Impressions Of Forsinning Watches

It still amazes me what you can get for 30 bucks these days. This watch looks very modern and impressive, and if all the dial functions work when you get it, even better.

The fact that it is automatic too, is impressive. Because assembling such a watch is complex and expensive and normally at this price point you would only get a battery operated quartz.

In the end, you get what you pay for and this watch will more than likely not be the heirloom you hand down to your son in 20 years. But if you are only looking for a watch to wear out on the town for a year or two, then it’s a great buy.

14 thoughts on “Forsining Automatic Tourbillon Review: A Bargain Or Trash Worthy?”

  1. I have a Forsining watch, not this one, but an even cooler one that I bought from Wish for $20 and have been wearing it for more than 2 years so far every day, and it looks AWESOME and works perfectly! I take excellent care of it, and it doesn’t have one scratch on it! Everyone comments on it and wants it! I’ve bought several more of the exact one I have, and have given them for gifts, which is always a hit! I really can’t believe the quality and beauty of it! I will buy some more even, as you just can’t go wrong with them, at least in my experience! When someone gets one, they consider it the best present ever! Its the best $20 you ever spent! It’s SO cool to see its gears move inside. Needless to say, I recommend them highly!

  2. just got mine.. so far.. i love it, heavy, huge on wrist, it has winding crown, and automatic movements.. has real dials operating day of week, month of year, and date. all buttons are real operating buttons, stainless case and band.. i have alot of old automatics,, this is much nicer… i mean than old bulova, timex, seiko, bonus, caravelle, benrus, helbros, invicta, cadillac, waltham, old automatics, and winders…. i hate battery watches… theyre junk.. like fossil, armitron, and the like.. at less than $40 shipped.. come on.. this lasts 3 years or more…. im stoked.

    1. I tried to leave comments but none appeared, so I thought I’d ask an actual human who owns a Forsining. I just got one and I like it a lot – but noticed the rotating part that shows the years on mine goes from 2015 to 2025. What happens when it’s 2026…or is the implication that they don’t expect the watch to last that long?

    2. I have the Forsining TM497, I bought it from AliExpress in the sale for £10 shipping. ( To mail it to my next door neighbor would cost £5 GBP !) It is a big numb heavy thing, it hardly flatters the smaller wrist, it is similar to wearing a small plate, it keeps perfect time, within seconds per day, a genuine leather strap, a genuine glass windscreen and built like a Soviet tank, marvellous, all for the price of 2 pints in the local pub – how do they do it ??

  3. I just got a Forsening Manual watch as a gift. I have owned Winner & Jargar automatics, keep decent time until the hands and knobs fall off (and they will).
    I normally buy Swiss, Rolex, Sandoz, Rado, but thought I would give them a shot.
    You get what You pay for.

  4. I have two watches by Forsining. One is crap. It’s automatic, but loses five minutes every four hours. It was my first watch by this manufacturer. The other is the faceless, see-through automatic. I figured I’d give Forsining one more shot. The second watch works great. No issues. I can wear it a week at a time and it loses maybe 30 seconds. So for me, Forsining has been hit or miss.

  5. I bought a forsining from wish for 29 plus shipping and 2 buttons are solid and don’t work, I’ve had it for 2 days and its been keeping time pretty well, I don’t know how long it will last but I guess we’ll see, the lume isn’t very bright and its only on the hands and not on the hour markers, it is an automatic and I haven’t had to wind it yet but I will be very disappointed if I have to, it is skeletonized so I enjoy looking at it from time to time and seeing the little gears moving, I don’t know anything about watches but this one is ok, not the best but it’s ok, you get what you pay for.

    (I bought the FSG8042M4G1 and its too big for my tiny wrist, I didn’t know about watch sizes before I picked this one, I picked it because I thought the hour markers would glow.)

  6. Can anyone tell me what happens when the years on the dial changed by one of the recessed buttons run out? I mean, I checked and it goes from 2015 to 2025 – so if the watch survives beyond 2025 the year display becomes useless?

    1. Does it really matter about the years. After 2025 its just for looks. I am sure most of these watches from the Brand FORSINING will survive well into many years. They are well priced for better than expected quality.

  7. I have the Forsining TM497, I bought it from AliExpress in the sale for £10 shipping. ( To mail it to my next door neighbor would cost £5 GBP !) It is a big numb heavy thing, it hardly flatters the smaller wrist, it is similar to wearing a small plate, it keeps perfect time, within seconds per day, a genuine leather strap, a genuine glass windscreen and built like a Soviet tank, marvellous, all for the price of 2 pints in the local pub – how do they do it ??

  8. I have this exact model but in a different colour, and I followed the instructions and used the dial to wind it up 15-20 turns max. I then set the time and left it on my desk. It lasted unmoved and untouched for about 35 hours.
    When wearing it for about 8-9 hours a day, and giving it 20 turns once, this thing goes for weeks because of the automatic winder in the back of the watch.
    I have to say, I am surprised by the quality. All dials work, they are not just for looks.
    The watch looks nice and it feels expensive. Can’t go wrong at all for $30-$50. Its been ticking successfully for some time now.
    Highly recommend these to anyone that wants to start out with a classic mechanical watch and even great for a gift for 1st or 2nd time watch owners.

  9. What happens when it’s 2026?
    Simply buy a new one. They’ll only cost about $3.22 by then.
    Seriously, about a year ago, I bought a Chinese automatic watch. It was branded as a Jean Bellecour and was listed amongst a stack of wristwatches on eBay. All the same JB brand, but the others were all quartz ones. It was only around $14 so I wasn’t expecting much. I was surprised: the quality is quite amazingly high and after a few weeks running it consistently runs at a +/- accuracy of 2 sec/day in any position. In the face up position it is usually bang on time. The automatic winding does what it should and has an exhibition glass on the back to display the winding rotor, escapement, the sapphire bearings and a nicely engraved frame.

    To conclude, I love this watch. I am always looking out for similar watches from Asia. My next buy will possibly be a Japanese Orient one, just so I can compare the two. Thank you.

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