Naviforce Watches Review: The Navy SEALs of Watchmakers

naviforce watches

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Naviforce Watches Review
The Navy SEALs of Watchmakers

naviforce watches

Naviforce is a relatively new company on the scene, having been founded in China seven years ago in 2012. A man by the name of Mr. Yang established the company based on his own military dreams and aspirations. As a student, he spent time with real soldiers in camps and it made a huge impact on the way he viewed the world around him. He developed the utmost respect for the military and everything that it stood for. These views transferred to his career aspirations to be a watchmaker and thus Naviforce was eventually born.

Mr. Yang likes to continuously push the bar, and himself, when it comes to watch designs and styles and is always looking to do something that is different and unique. The name Naviforce wasn’t just pulled out of thin air either. He has always admired the grit and determination of the Navy SEALs, hence the Navi. As well, he is looking to inspire other you professionals to be a force in their own way and keep pushing the envelope. 

Naviforce is based on some solid foundations and principals, and their watches really show that off. Naviforce, as a brand and watch company, is always looking to grow and deliver better products to its customers across the globe. They pride themselves on exceptional customer service along with the noted innovation and determination. If you are looking for a quality watch company that has their priorities in order, look no further than Mr. Yang and Naviforce.

1. Naviforce Men’s NF9153 Digital Watch

NAVIFORCE Digital Watch Men Waterproof Sports Watches Stainless Steel Military Quartz Clock Wristwatch

The first watch we will take a look at is in the digital category and is a very good bargain at such a low price point. You can get this sturdy alloy watch in five different colors that are going to look great with anything you wear. 

The watch is functional, comfortable, and practical along with looking great. You are going to get everything you need for functions with this watch, as it includes everything from the day and date to a stopwatch.

The bezel and crown are the same color as the rest of the case with just the four pushers appearing in an accenting silver. This Naviforce digital watch is also extremely comfortable on your wrist with the lightweight stainless steel band and a hook buckle clasp. If you need an everyday watch that will give you years of service this would be a great choice.

2. Naviforce Men’s NF9117 Luxury Watch

NAVIFORCE Luxury Men Sports Watches Waterproof Quartz Leather Watch Gold Big Face Date Clock

For a little bit more luxury with your military-style you have the option of the beautiful NF9117.

This watch is made to be seen but also designed to look like something an authority figure would proudly wear. The whole watch is shining with gold plated alloy and the caramel-colored leather band fits perfectly with the color scheme. You are going to get noticed when you choose to wear your NF9117 from Naviforce.

The face of the watch is brilliantly structured to look unique but also be very practical. Only the 9 o’clock hour is marked numerically with the ten-minute intervals cleverly marked outside on the bezel. To top it all off the hands are luminous to provide you with enough light to read the time wherever you may be.

3. Naviforce Women’s NF5004 Dress Watch

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Naviforce has not forgotten about the ladies and has quite a number of great options for the fairer sex, including the gorgeous and sensible NF5004. This light and stylish watch is available in eight different color options, so you are sure to find the one that really speaks to your sense of style. The faces are very minimalistic and with no hour or minute markers to be seen, just the simple movement of the hands.

The watch itself is designed to be fashionable without being too much. It is practical in its use and sports some pretty interesting color combinations that will help show off your unique side. There is a simple date window at the 6 o’clock position to go with the Naviforce logo and a slight 12 o’clock marker up top.

4. Naviforce Men’s NF9135 Digital Watch

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The NF9135 is another from their large line of hybrid analog and digital movement watches and is one of their best sellers. It has a look that is reminiscent of a science fiction movie with its futuristic design. There are six different color patterns to choose from and they all do a great job of keeping that futuristic vibe. The watch is not just something that looks good, it is very practical as well. 

With both analog and digital movement you are never going to be mistaken on the time again. The analog portion has efficient markers for the hours with just 6 o’clock being numerical. Right above the six o’clock marker is the digital display for the time. At 12 o’clock you have a great 17-digit LCD display to do a variety of date and time functions for you. This is a watch that is going to look amazing and function even better.
● Japanese quartz and digital movement
● Mineral crystal
● Stainless steel case and genuine leather band
● 17-digit LCD at 12 o’clock, Alarm with snooze function, Hourly chime
● Water-resistant up to 30m (100ft)
● Case size: 46mm x 15mm

5. Naviforce Men’s NF9097 Sports Watch

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If you are looking for a multi-function watch that has its own quirky and unique sense of style, the NF9097 is exactly what you are looking for. There are four different patterns you can get that each offers an interesting take on the same style. 

The face of the watch has a lot going on and it is difficult to decide what to look at first. You are ultimately led to the LCD screen at 3 o’clock that displays the current time.

You have four larger pushers in each corner of the case for the various digital and analog functions that are available. Along with that, you get an oversized and easy to grip crown for easy time changes. The NF9097 is a bit hard to explain but it is a wonderful looking watch with a lot of really great features for you to enjoy.

6. Naviforce Men’s NF9110 Military Watch

NAVIFORCE Sport Military Watches for Men Waterproof Watch Analog Quartz Leather Band Date Calendar Clock Wristwatch

We are now switching gears a little bit and looking at the military-styled NF9110 that is designed with the military first and foremost. This smartly designed watch immediately gives you the feeling of being at the controls of a navy vessel and reading the instruments. Three separate subdials at 6, 9, and 12 o’clock respectively, are reminiscent of military instruments from days gone. At the 3 o’clock mark you have a simple Naviforce logo with vents in the face.

You can get the NF9110 in five different color patterns that are all designed to look smart and go with just about anything you can pull out of the closet. The band has a lone stripe along the length with stitching on either side. This watch is going to do everything you need it to and look great at the same time.

7. Naviforce Women’s NF5005 Dress Watch

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Here we have an elegant women’s watch from Naviforce that is going to leave you feeling like a princess without breaking the bank. It is available in a multitude of colors, eight in total, and can really boost any woman’s accessory collection. It is designed for a minimalistic look with rhinestones embedded to the face for hour indicators and very slim hands. The dial is clutter-free with just a logo below 12 o’clock.

The most noticeable part of the watch has to be the rhinestone-encrusted bezel for just enough flair to show off a bit. It doesn’t draw too much attention away from the dial, instead, it frames it perfectly. At this price, you could add all the different colors to your collection and never have to look for a dress watch again.

8. Naviforce Men’s NF9159 Sports Watch

Sport Watches for Men Waterproof Luxury Watch Chronograph Quartz Leather Business Date Clock Wristwatch

For the last watch of the day, we wanted to look at the NF9159, which is designed with the sportsman in mind from start to finish. As with all of the watches from Naviforce, this one does have its roots based in military design and you can tell that immediately with how rugged it looks. The solid alloy case is designed to look extra tough with the crown having extra protection on the side.

The dial is easy to read and has a number of practical functions with the three separate subdials. Hands and hour markers are prominently displayed in vibrant colors to make them stand out and be noticeable from everything else that is going on with the watch. Any sportsman would be pleased to go out into the woods with this strapped to their wrist.

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