Pulsar Watch Reviews (A Brand with History)​

pulsar watches review

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Pulsar Watch Reviews (A Brand with History)

pulsar watches review

Pulsar watches, a division of Seiko Watch Corporation of America, has been going steady since 1970. They were the first watch company to introduce electronic digital watches in the entire world. The first Pulsar watch came out in 1972, and the brand still has relevance today.


These days Pulsar focuses heavily on watches in the mid-tier range. You would be hard pressed to find a watch that cost over $1000; as a lot of them are priced for your average consumer.

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This means that their is a lot of options and availability for a Pulsar, and they still come with some great features. A lot of them are going to give Japanese quartz movement, chronographs, and nice straps. These watches look great for the price, and have just about any style you could want.

For a more in depth look at what Pulsar has to offer, let’s see what some of the best offerings on Amazon are today

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1. Pulsar Solar Chronograph (Ref: PX5033)

Pulsar Men's PX5033 Solar Chronograph Analog Display Japanese Quartz Silver Watch

The first watch we will take a look at is the Men’s PX5033 model. It comes highly reviewed and at a very reasonable price.

Made from stainless steel, the PX5033 exudes some elegance on a lower budget. It comes equipped with a tachymeter, three chronograph dials to keep you up to date, and is water resistant to up to 330 feet. It makes for not only a stylish offering, but a watch that is practical as well.

The movement on this watch is a solar powered japanese quartz, which is great news for anyone not wanting to bother with watch winding issues, or changing batteries every year or so. And, for under $200, you are getting a great deal on a watch that some say is comparable to ones three times the price.

2. Pulsar Men's Two-Tone Calendar Dress Watch
(Ref: PJ6052)

Pulsar Men's PJ6052 Expansion Watch

Next up we are going to look at a watch from the dress category. This two-tone stainless steel dress watch offers the wearer a sense of high fashion at a bargain price.

The watch is great for business and anything that requires dressing up. Gold and silver two-tone steel gives it a sense of class, but it is still very practical. A clean white dial is accented by minimalist black baton hands for the minutes and hours. This gives the watch a very dressed up appearance.

You are going to get standard specs for a Pulsar watch in this price range. Japanese quartz, stainless steel for the bezel and band, along with a mineral dial face. At the price, this watch doesn’t have a lot of flaws, you get what you pay for.


3. Pulsar Sports Chronograph Watch
(Ref: PU2007)

Pulsar Men's PU2007 Stainless Steel Watch with Black Leather Band

For the third watch we are going to look at something that is a bit more sporty. The PU2007 is made for the more active watch wearer, but still looks good enough to wear just about anywhere you go.

It has pretty standard gear like quartz movement, stainless steel case, and analog display. Black and yellow all over gives it a unique style. The band is particularly interesting on this watch, being made of calfskin. Some users found the band to be slightly stiff, but this should be easily remedied with basic use. 

The other interesting thing about this watch is the chronograph sub-dials and pushers. The seconds dial is full, while the hour and minute are semi-circles. And the pushers are large, angled rectangles, with a large crown between them. Overall, it gives a very Formula 1 style look.

If you are looking to spend a few hundred dollars on a sporty watch that functions, you could do much worse.

4. Pulsar Women's Dress Watch
(Ref: PY5003)

Pulsar Women's PY5003 Solar Dress Analog Display Japanese Quartz Two Tone Watch

Here we are looking at a very sleek and sexy dress watch designed for women. It is another two tone watch, which tends to be popular, that goes for the less is more look.

The first thing you are going to notice with the PY5003 are the gold dauphine hands jumping off the silver dial. The two tone is limited on this design, which is mostly silver, but the gold really pops where it needs to. Crystals replace some of the hour markers to add another layer of style.

If you are looking for more style than practicality, this is certainly going to be for you. While this watch doesn’t offer a lot of bells and whistles, it is still of good quality and design, and a great choice for when you want to dress up.

5. Pulsar Quartz Dive Watch
(Ref: PXH227)

Pulsar Men's PXH227 Stainless Steel Watch with Black Rubber Band

For the second half of this list we are going to take a look at a versatile, everyday use watch. If you are looking for a sense of style to go along with functionality, this black quartz dive watch will give you both. In fact, it is a little reminiscent of the dive watches from Seiko (SKX) and Orient (Mako and Ray), if you like watches like these.

The watch has a stainless steel case and bezel for strength, along with a band made from rubber for durability. It comes with a date window and smooth quartz movement. The face is black with the chapter ring being an offsetting white. This makes it a great watch for checking the time at a quick glance.

Price isn’t over the top for this type of watch, but it is still up there at over $100. You can find some watches at a lower price, but most likely will suffer in the quality aspect. This is a good choice for anyone looking for something practical.

6. Pulsar Brown Leather Dress Watch with Chronograph
(Ref: PT3789X)

Pulsar Men's Quartz Brown Leather Dress Watch (Model: PT3789X)


If price is a factor for your dress watch purchase, this next offering is going to be right up your alley. This is perfect for anyone looking to add some style to their routine on a budget.


This watch features a chronograph, which is great for the price range. A brown leather strap really looks right with the metallic blue, and slightly frosted, dial. It also has a 24 hour indicator, which can come in handy. The watch is sleek and refined looking, with a lot of bells and whistles.


Finding a quality dress watch at this price is getting easier to do, but you have to be careful with what you are buying. This watch comes with a great warranty from a well known company, you can’t go wrong for the price.


7. Pulsar On the Go Solar Two-Tone Chronograph (Ref: PX5057)

Pulsar Men's 'Chronograph Solar' Quartz Stainless Steel Dress Watch (Model: PX5057)

This watch just looks beautiful. A silver stainless steel band, with gold accents, is attached to a beautiful silver case. The crown and chronograph pushers are the same gold accent, with a silver bezel. It is highlighted by a metallic gray dial, which then has metallic blue dials for the chronograph. This all comes together to make a great looking watch.

Pulsar have also added a solar powered quartz movement which is great for those of you not wanting to bother with winding or batteries.


Spending a few extra dollars here really does get you something quite lovely. The Chronograph Solar Watch adds a lot of elegance and class to any occasion worth dressing up for.

8. Pulsar Alarm Chronograph
(Ref: PF3547)

Pulsar Men's PF3547 Alarm Chronograph Black Ion Plated Stainless Steel Watch

For the last watch of the day, we thought we should get a feel for one of the more expensive watches from Pulsar. You are not going to be disappointed with what this watch brings to the table.


Black is the primary color theme here, and has a slight amount of silver shining through. Our favorite part of this watch may be the super strong Hardlex dial crystal. This stuff is on a higher tier than your average mineral crystal, and you will have a lot of extra protection for your investment.


With everything from an alarm to a chronograph, this watch really gives you that expensive feeling. While it still won’t break the bank, this watch comes in at almost $400, which is a fair bit higher than the previous mentions.

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