Seiko 6309-7290 Review – A Classic Diver From The 80s

SEIKO 6309-7290 review

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Seiko 6309-7290 Review - A Dive Watch That Shines

seiko 6309 7290

Seiko and dive watches are often muttered in the same sentence for very good reasons. The team at Seiko have been making them for decades and have some classics up their sleeves like the SKX range and the Turtle (if you are not familiar with Seiko, their watches have a lot of nicknames).

This particular model, the Seiko 6309 7290 is no longer in production, being made from 1976-1988. It is actually a rather unique variation of the famous Turtle, albeit a rather slim variation. 

It also has some overlaps to the SKX range with a similar bezel typeface and markings, and a protected crown at the unusual 4 o’clock position. But that is where it ends.

The Style & Features

The 6309-7290 has a very clean design which is typical of Seiko. The face is a plain black, matching the bezel.

The markers are large and well-lumed, which is another thing Seiko loves to do with their dive watches. So, this baby will shine well in the dark, even if you are not diving with it.

Another typical Seiko dive feature is the offset crown at 4 o’clock which is designed to be less obtrusive which is handy for those use the watch for practical purposes. It’s also surrounded by a high flange to help stop it from being hit accidentally.

The 6309 designation is for a Seiko automatic movement with 17 jewels and 47 hours of power reserve. It beats at 21,600 bph. So, you should be good to go with 2 days not using this watch. It also features a day/date function which is a nice addition to an automatic watch at this price point.

In terms of waterproofness, it is not a certified dive watch but 150m should be enough to take swimming, snorkelling or perhaps low-depth diving. Of course, it depends on the band you have on it at the time, as I would not normally dive with a leather band.

The watch pictured here is an all black watch, but Seiko produced a number of variations include the ever-popular “Pepsi” red and blue bezel, as well an orange dial version.

Technically, the model number was 729A for the Pepsi/blue & red bezel and the orange face (quite rare) was 729B.

seiko 6309 7290

Seiko 6309-7290

seiko 6309-729A

Seiko 6309-729A

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