Seiko SDGM001 Brightz Review – Now You Can Stand Out​

seiko sdgm001 brightz review

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Seiko SDGM001 Brightz Review - Now You Can Stand Out

Seiko does everything they can to innovate and stand out from the crowd in the watchmaking world and the luxury-level Brightz is definitely a unique luxury level watch.

All silver with an elegant and stylish look you can wear to work or out on the town, the Brightz’ stand out feature is definitely the finish on the face.

The Style

The Brightz is part of Seiko’s premium Prospex range which already means it is a level above most of their other watches. Everything on this watch screams top-notch from the polished stainless steel band and case to the off-white star-burst patterned face with silver hour markers and hands.

This is truly a dress-to-impress watch that people will take notice off. I would wear it to work with a suit or for an expensive night out (dinner and a show maybe?). Maybe for you it is a daily watch. 

Either way, it’s not one I would take to the gym!

BRIGHTZ Mechanical Automatic Sapphia glass SUper clear coating 10atm SDGM001 Men's

The Face

The SDGM001 has a one-of-a-kind face that I have never seen the likes of before. 

The off-white face is complemented with a recessed star-burst pattern that tapers to towards the edge of the face. This gives it a very unique finish for sure.

The hour markers are very prominently applied silver bars that sit high above the face, with the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock being somewhat thicker and the 12 o’clock having two parallel bars.

There is then a fine black minute and second rail around the edge, with larger markers every minute.

The hands are also a thing of beauty with their tapered sword-like angled shaped that proudly points to the hour and minutes. The second hand is a simple slender black affair.

There is very little writing to spoil the refined face on this watch bar the subtle silver Seiko lettering at 12 o’clock and the black “Automatic” at 6 o’clock.  There are also some small letters around the 6 with the movement details and other related serial numbers.

Of course, we can’t forget the classy recessed date window at 3 o’clock which certainly fits with the rest of the watch, although I have the feeling it could have been a little more polished.

seiko brightz SDGM001 face

Seiko SDGM001 Brightz Face

seiko brightz SDGM001 face detail

The Case

The polished and brushed stainless steel continues to shine, literally, on the case of the Brightz.

It is mostly classic in it’s shape, with the circular face having tapered lugs that then lead to the bracelet.

The profile of the case has a nice curve on the lugs as you can see in the image, which helps it hug your wrist nicely.

The crown is also quite simple, with the addition of a black center, but no Seiko S (which is a surprise) on the edge.

However, it is when you turn this bad-boy over that you are in for a surprise.

The polished sliver back with detailed engravings from Seiko. to the model number is certainly stylish, but it’s the exhibition (aka see-through) case back that will turn heads. When you take it off that is!

Seeing the Seiko 23-Jewel 6R15 Caliber Automatic movement in action is a sight to behold. This is a quality piece of engineering that is usually hidden from view. 

I spend hours looking at mine when I have the time to spare, it is what makes watches so special.

BRIGHTZ Mechanical Automatic Sapphia glass SUper clear coating 10atm SDGM001 Men's

seiko brightz SDGM001 exhibition case back

The Bracelet

The bracelet is a classic stainless steel with deployant clasp, to help stop you from losing it. It also comes with a dual-side button release, which is a nice touch to help take it off, without having to fiddle with the clasp or get your nail under it (a typical problem with metal bands).

Because stainless steel is typically a magnet for scratches, a lot of manufacturers have worked on ways to prevent this. Seiko in particular has a great solution with a Dia-shield coating which they have also added to this watch.

So, instead of having a classy stainless steel watch that looks like a scratched mess in a few months, this one will last you a long time to come.

BRIGHTZ Mechanical Automatic Sapphia glass SUper clear coating 10atm SDGM001 Men's

Size & Weight

Overall, this is not a huge watch with a diameter of 40.5mm and only 11.5mm thick. Being an automatic movement it is of course thicker than a quartz, but comes with a heft that such watches have. In that way, it exudes quality.

Being a stainless steel case with such a complex movement, it is never going to be light. In fact, it might seem a bit heavy for some at 5.6oz. I for one don’t mind a heavy watch when it’s made of all metal materials.

The Features

As part of the Seiko Prospex range it’s no surprise Seiko’s has used their top-notch 6R15 automatic movement in this watch. It is not only automatic with 50 hours or reserve, but also capable of self-winding and hacking. For a watch that retails for under a thousand bucks,  that is an impressive feature set.

There is a nice recessed date window at 3 o’clock,  which is not the most impressive feature of this watch, but a decent addition nonetheless.

The 100m (330 ft) water-resistance is decent for a watch not intended for outdoor activities. This means you can go about your daily business (showering, washing the dishes etc) without the need to remove the watch.

The Dia-shield coating on the metal is also a great touch to help keep this watch looking it’s best for years to come. As is the scratch-resistant synthetic sapphire crystal window.

The Specifications

For those who want to see the full specs in all their glory, here they are below:

Summing It All Up

The Seiko Brightz is a stylish watch that has enough unique features to made it a stand out on any wrist.

The quality materials, along with scratch resistance and top-end automatic movement are definitely worth the money. Along with the feature set (automatic, 100m water resistance, date) are great value for the price. 

In the end, this watch is a nice addition to any dress watch collection and something you can proudly wear to work, or out on the town.

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