Seiko SKX007 vs SKX013: Are They Exactly The Same?

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Seiko SKX007 vs SKX013: Are They Exactly The Same?

The Seiko SKX range is a classic. Dive watches with typical Seiko quality, but, at an affordable price.

You have probably already heard of the SKX009 model called the Pepsi, with the blue and red colored bezel inlay. It’s one of their most popular models in this range.

But what’s most impressive about the SKXs is their features:

  • A true Diver’s Watch (ISO 6425 certified for diving) rated to 200m (quite a feat in itself if you read the specification)
  • Automatic movement (almost never seen at this price point) – Seiko’s 7S26
  • Scratch-resistance Hardlex (Seiko’s own acrylic, hardened for resistance) crystal
  • High visibility watch face with Seiko’s top-notch Lume
  • Protected push-down crown
  • Day/date complication
  • All stainless steel, including fold down clasp with safety (unless you get the rubber strap)
It’s an impressive list of features when you consider you can grab almost any of these watches for a couple of hundred or so.

But what is the difference between the SKX007 and SKX013 you ask?

Seiko SKX007K2 with Jubliee Band

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Seiko SKX013K2 with Jubliee Band

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The Differences Between The SKX007 & SKX013

What are the differences between these two almost identical watches?

Size is the main one.

Sizes & Weight

The case of the SKX007 is 42mm x 13mm, whereas the SKX013 is 38mm x 13mm making it a far smaller looking watch.

The lugs on the SKX007 are 22mm, so easy to change the strap. Likewise, the SKX013 is 20mm, smaller, but still easy to find a replacement strap online.

Weight-wise, they are very similar, especially when you consider that there is only 4mm case difference and the rest is pretty much the same. The best weight measure I could get is 135g (4.76oz) for the SKX007 vs 124g (4.37oz) for the SKX013. So not a huge difference.

With the jubilee band it is a heavy watch for some.

The Jubilee Band

Because the SKX013 is smaller, with 2mm less on the strap, you will see a small difference in the link size on that too.

This could really suit a smaller wrist as the smaller links are more likely to wrap nicely around your wrist, and the adjustments are also finer when you have to take links out (as each one is smaller).

Of course, when we are talking about the rubber strap version, there is almost no difference worth talking about.

The Dial/Face

There is almost nothing to note here as these watches are truly identical. However, there has been 4mm removed somewhere, and I am guessing (without actually measuring) that most of it is on the dial.

What does that mean?

skx007 hands
SKX007 hands
skx013 hands
SKX013 hands

The hands are probably smaller, the markers on the outside more crowded and the dial has an overall feel of being a little more cramped.

Also, if you take a closer look at the hands, there are some differences – the hands on the SKX007 have sharper edges and the lume goes further out towards the edges making it easier to see in the dark. The SKX013 hour hand has a more tapered shape all the way to the arrow head, whereas the SKX007 has an a sharp arrow head with a thicker base. 

The second hand on the SKX013 is also quite different with a thick, tapered tip and base compared to a very thin hand on the SKX007 with a black base. Both are well lumed.

Which Should You Choose

The real difference comes down to size.

So, if you have a smaller wrist, I would go for the SKX013. If you are on the border of medium or have a larger wrist, unless your wrist is very weak or you hate carrying anything of heft/weight, I would go for the classic SKX007 with the jubilee band.

You can always reduce the weight with a Seiko rubber strap or Nato/Perlon strap. Unless you need it to look more dress-watch style that is.

I recommend you take a look at both of them on Amazon below and see what you think.

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[ebay-table search=”seiko (skx007,skx013) -band -crystal -mod -custom” subid=”skx007-skx013″]

SKX0013 - Image Courtesy of Wiki Commons
seiko skx007
SKX007 - Image Courtesy of Pari Ouk

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