Seiko SKX175 vs SKX009: Is There Any Difference?

seiko skx009 vs skx175

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seiko skx009 vs skx175

Seiko SKX175 vs SKX009
What Are The Differences?

Ok, if you are sitting there and thinking that the SKX175 and SKX009 look very very similar, then don’t worry. You are not going insane.

They are.

In fact, they are so similar, you will be hard-pressed to spot the difference. But let me explain in more detail, why the SKX175 and SKX009 are such good friends…

The Differences Between The Two

The difference between the SKX009 and SKX175 is all in where it is sold. The SKX175 is only sold in the USA, whereas the SKX009 is sold worldwide.

The Seiko SKX009 as well all know is a reliable dive watch with 200m water resistance and that stunning Pepsi dial. It is sold by Seiko Japan all around the world and keeps that model number wherever it goes.

However, perhaps because Seiko is required to specific the country of origin on products specifically imported into the USA, the model is slightly different and has the model designation SKX0175.

The other funny thing about these two models is they often differ in price by up to two times.

Take a look at the prices on Amazon with the buttons below, and you will see what I mean. The SKX175 is double the price of the SKX009. Unless it is on sale of course.

The Devil Is In The Detail

Let’s take the SKX009 as the standard and look at the dial.

It has all the SKX trappings –

  • the clear dark blue dial with the large, lumed hour markers, reminiscent of the Rolex Submariner.
  • the easy to grip uni-directional bezel with minute markers and the Pepsi colors
  • the 4 o’clock protected, screw-down crown which is great for divers
  • the jubilee or rubber strap (depending on the model)
  • the Seiko 7S26 Automatic movement with 21 jewels and 41+ hours power reserve

Now, ignoring slight color differences in the images below (because they are the same) – what differences can you see?

seiko skx175 dial
Seiko SKX175 Dial
seiko skx009k dial
Seiko SKX009 Dial

It’s all in the dial wording – 

  • The SKX175 has MOVT Malaysia followed by the 7s26 (movement number) and some other digits
  • The SKX009 has first the movement number 7S26, then on the right further digits used by Seiko
The country of origin is also on the back of the SKX175 as per import requirements.
skx175 dial lettering
Seiko SKX175 Dial
skx009 dial lettering
Seiko SKX009 Dial

The Strap Options

Both these models come with both a rubber and jubilee strap option, although I have only shown the jubilee in the images.

The exact model number ending often shows the variation with the strap (1 for rubber, 2 for jubilee).

Note: If you are looking at the full model number, the K designates non-Japan production.

Water Resistant to 200m – Dive Ready

The SKX watches are all impressive dive watches for the price.

They are 200m water resistance, with screw-down crowns, easy to use uni-directional bezels, and Seiko’s famous lume that is easy to read in the dark.

An Automatic Movement

The 7s26 is a Seiko’s workhorse. Nothing fancy, like hand-winding or hacking, but it has 41 hours reserve, so should run most people 2 days without winding (presuming you don’t wear it and move/wind it automatically :>).

Which One Is For You?

Unless you are looking for something a little more unique, then the SKX009 is the same watch at usually half the price.

The SKX175 is only sold in the USA and is made in less quatity, so is more unique – hence the price, I guess.

Honestly, I would just grab the SKX009! If you want the full review of that, you can see it here. Or an SKX007 vs SKX009 comparison here.

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