Tokyo Bay Watch Review: Simplicity & Elegance

Tokyobay Watch Review

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Tokyo Bay Watch Review: Simplicity & Elegance

Tokyo Bay are a little younger than some of their competitors, but that does not stop them from crafting some of the most elegance and simple watches you can find on the market today.

Founded by two designers, on in Tokyo, and the other in the Bay Area, Tokyo Bay is currently based in Minneapolis USA.

Their focus is on designing unique watches that blend style, fashion, global influence and a variety of materials and styles.

The result is a range of watches that are quite unique.

The question you probably have though, is are these watches any good, and what are some of the options available.

In this review, we will cover both questions!

Tokyobay Grant Watch, Black

Quality, Manufacturing & Warranty

Before we explore some of the stylish watches that Tokyo Bay have to offer, I thought it was worth seeing what kinds of materials, manufacturing and warranty they have. After all, style is one thing, but it’s even better if your watch lasts you for years to come, right?

These guys use good quality materials ranging from:

Manufacturing is generall done overseas, but the watches are designed in the USA.

As far as the warranty goes, it’s quite impressive at 5 years and excludes any of the things you would not expect to be covered (wear and tear, improper use, wrong or defective batteries etc).

Popular Tokyo Bay Models

Tokyobay Grant Watch, Black

Tokyobay Grant Watch, Blue

Tokyo Bay Grant

The Grant is one of Tokyo Bay’s minimalistic masterpeices. An elegant, almost featureless face with a second dial for the second hand. And only 2 numbers at 6 and 12 o’clock. For the rest, this watch speaks for itself with it’s simplistic and stylish look.

Two of the most popular colors are the black face with light tan leather, and the white face with blue leather. You can see them in the images above.

TOKYObay Mason Analog Grey Dial Men's Watch T227-TAN

TOKYObay Mason Quartz Analog Brown Dial Men's Watch T227-BR

Tokyo Bay Mason

Another great watch from Tokyo Bay is the Mason. Similar to the Grant, but even more simplistic in its look.

This one has a face that is all numbers, with a 24hr time on the inner circle. And, a standard 3 hand system instead of the separate one.

In other ways it is quite similar looking to the Grant, however, it is quite a large watch at 45mm across. The leather hand is also quite thick and has prominent white stitching along it’s length.

Tokyobay Track Small watch, green

Tokyobay Track Carbon, Blue

Tokyobay Track Carbon, Red

Tokyo Bay Track Large & Small

Something the ladies reading this might enjoy is Tokyo Bay’s Track watch.

Far more colorful than many of the men’s watches, the track comes in two sizes: small and large (boring names, I know!). The small is only 31.5mm across, while the large is more like a standard men’s at 40mm. Something I would only suggest for the ladies without super-slender wrists.

Again, like with all Tokyo Bay’s, the design is super simple, with just 3 hands, and a numbered face. Although, interestingly, they have chosen to put the minute markers on an inner ring rather than between the numbers.

The rest of the watch is quite standard with a leather stitched band, steel case and water-resistance at 30m (which means splash-proof only). 

Tokyobay Tram watch, pink

Tokyobay Tram Watch, Natural

Tokyobay Tramette watch, ivory

Tokyo Bay Tram & Tramette

If you want a completely different look, then maybe the Tokyo Bay Tram and Tramette are the right choice for you?

With their thick square case, they are bold and often colorful (check out that pink one above!). The skewed numbering is designed to fit their rather un-watchlike shape, but somehow it looks kinda cool, right?

Using what seems to be Tokyo Bay’s signature thick stitched leather, these watches are certainly unique. And, they come in two sizes, which is great to help find the one that matches your wrist (see last line of the specs below for sizes).

Other Tokyo Bay Styles

Tokyo Bay have been dreaming up all sorts of watch styles to suit their fans.

There are way too many to write about in detail in this review, so I have rounded up some of the other great offerings they have below.

Just click on the image (below or even earlier on) to be taken to that watch on Amazon.

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Tokyobay Specs Watch, Ivory

No products found.

Tokyobay Jet Watch, Mustard

Tokyobay Gable Watch, Grey

No products found.

Tokyobay Lily Watch, Navy

TOKYOBAY Womens Aquila Watch Red

No products found.

No products found.

TOKYObay Georgia Analog Gold Dial Women's Watch T018-BE

TOKYObay Sedona Analog White Dial Women's Watch T016-BR

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