Watch Worn By MacGyver (The Original)

macgyver watch timex camper

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If you grew p in the 80s you probably grew up watching MacGyver! The man who always had a trick up his sleeve – a creative and very DIY way to save the day in almost any situation.

In fact, his name became so synonymous with getting out of a tricky situation or fixing things with whatever is on hand (especially a Swiss Army Knife) that people use it do this day!

MacGyver aired between 1985–1992 and he was played by the actor Richard Dean Anderson. He was a rugged, cool, and collected kind of guy who you just could not help but love!

Which Watch Did MacGyver Wear?

MacGvyer wearing the TImex Camper
MacGvyer wearing the Timex Camper

Although MacGyver wore a few different watches throughout the series, there is one watch he wore the most – especially in the beginner: The Timex Camper.

It is difficult to get a high-resolution shot of the watch, so you can never be 100% sure if it was the Timex Camper or Timex Expedition Scout for example.

Timex Camper Japan Limited Edition Watch TW2T33700


The watch clearly has a robust, green Nylon band and a simple dial with two series of numbers – the 12 hour markers and the inner 24 hour markers. What else would MacGyver need?

MacGvyer wearing the TImex Camper again

From the various angles I have seen the watch, the domed crystal certainly makes me lean towards the Timex Camper for sure!

MacGvyer wearing the TImex Camper again

I have included various shots of him wearing the watch in a lot of different situations I managed to take screenshots of from Youtube, but it is never easy to see the watch up close!

Macgyver timex camper

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