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wenger watch review

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Wenger Watch Reviews: Swiss Quality At An Low Price

You probably know Swiss Army Knives, but may never have heard of Wenger?

They are one of the original makers of the Swiss Army Knife, along with Victorinox and they have long since branched out into Swiss watches. Unlike a lot of their more expensive competitors though, Wenger aims to bring you Swiss quality watches at an affordable price. Not something Rolex can claim by any means!

So, in this Wenger watch review I am going to take a detailed look at their best watch models as well as some of the overall quality and history of the company.

Wenger Roadster Black Night

Wenger Men's 'Roadster' Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Watch, Color:Black (Model: 01.0851.120)

This has to be one of Wenger’s most popular men’s watches, and if you take a close look at the style and the specs, it is no surprise why.

This simple, yet stylish black watch with a red-stitched black leather band, will suit almost anyone. It is reminiscent of a dive watch, with it’s black and steel colored bezel, but the face is simple enough to not stand out and make a scene like many a modern watch.

The rest of the styling is in line with the steel, black and red theme, with a red second hand, black face, and simple hour bars, with only the 6 and 12 o’clock standing out.

It also has some great features for a watch of this price range (usually below $200) including 100m water-resistance, a sapphire crystal coated glass and a date.

It also comes with a wide choice of cases, bands and faces which you can see below. 

Overall, this is a great buy for such a feature-rich and stylish looking watch. Just be aware that it is not the easiest watch to read in the dark. That seems to be one of the only downsides of this watch.

Wenger Analog Swiss Quartz

Wenger Men's 72801 Analog Display Swiss Quartz Brown Watch

This is another of Wenger’s classic watches because it is so simple and affordable. It is probably the lowest priced watch in their range.

For many people this is a “daily beater” which means a watch you wear, but don’t mind getting scratched. It is affordable and easily replaceable, but still nice enough to wear to work or even working in the shed or out in the garden. If you plan to do more sweaty activities, scroll down to the field model below (which is even cheaper as it does not have a leather strap!).

It has a stylish brown leather strap, stainless steel brushed case, very large and luminious arabic hour markers (great for low-light) and lumed hands too. Another nice feature is the 24-hour time markers on the inner ring, which would help those who love and use military time (or live in Europe).

There is a choice of black or white faces too, which you can see in the images here.

Overall there is nothing stunning about this watch, but with a Swiss made quartz movement inside, it is going to last for years. 

Note: Just be aware that many reviewers have complained that often the second hand does not “exactly” align to the markers. So if that is an issue for you, you might want to spend a little more on a watch.

Wenger Field Class

Wenger Field Classic White Dial Silicone Strap Men's Watch 010441117

Seeing as we are talking about Wenger’s lower priced models, this one comes in even lower.

It is almost exactly the same as the Analog above, but this one comes in at 42mm and with a silicon strap, so suits people who do sports more.

For the rest, it’s 100m water-resistant, so good enough to get wet, and has the long-lasting and reliable Wenger Swiss quartz movement inside.


Wenger Urban Metropolitan

Wenger Men's 01.1041.134 Urban Metropolitan Analog Display Swiss Quartz Brown Watch

Don’t think Wenger doesn’t know how to make stylish and modern watches either. The Urban Metropolitan is something that any hipster would be happy to wear!

With its pronounced “H” style watch case, made from brushed stainless steel and sporting a nubuck style brown leather band, this is a casual or dress watch that will catch people’s attention.

The dial is a clear with large arabic number and easy to read hands. There is also a nice style touch of the cursive water-resistance at 6 o’clock. And, the date is simple and easy to read at the 3 o’clock position.

Like all Wenger watches it has a Swiss made quartz movement and is good down to 100m (330ft) so can certainly get wet, or even be taken swimming (but the leather strap means you probably shouldn’t). And the glass has a sapphire coating to help reduce the chance of scratches.

There is also a choice of straps and variations on the face (some with less arabic numbering), so there are more than enough choices to make this watch your very own. (You can see more of the choices below – just scroll down).

All in all, this is the watch for anyone who wants the classic Wenger look with a modern touch.

Wenger City Active

No products found.

Wenger Men's 01.1441.111 City Active Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch

Wenger Men's 01.1441.110 City Active Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver Watch

Another of Wenger’s more modern alternatives, the City Active is a clean and stylish watch that comes in three flavors. You can see them all down below.

The face of this watch is about as elegant as it can get. Black or white with striking white bars with red dots above, and a carved band of circles in between. There are only arabic numerals at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, and the date window makes a standard appearance at 3 o’clock.

There is actually not a huge amount to talk about on this watch as it is so simple. But that is what I love about it. It will suit almost any outfit and occasion – whether it’s work, night or play.

It has the standard Wenger Swiss-made quartz movement, but in this case only 30m water-resistance. So no swimming with this baby.

The dial is coated with Sapphire though, so less scratches. 

All in all a modern classic.

Wenger Watch Quality

Wenger has a history of making quality Swiss-made products since it’s inception way back in 1893 when they first started making cutlery in the Jura mountains of Eastern Switzerland.

They have since been bought and re-developed by another Swiss knife icon – Victorinox, who have also branched out into watches.

Both those companies know how to make quality products, especially considering the majority of the parts and manufacturing is in Switzerland.

However, there are a few complaints I have seen on the Amazon reviews for Wenger Watches you might want to be aware of.

(Keep in mind these are low-end watches between 50-200 dollars, so not that expensive as far as watches go).

First, the second-hand often seems to NOT align with the second markers. If you are the kind of person who is annoyed by imperfections, then this might not be the brand for you. I would then look at something more thorough like a Seiko.

There are also some minor complaints about watches malfunctioning, which happens with any product or brand, and in some models there being a lack of lumination at night.

All I can say is that in general these are great low-end watches, but have a more detailed look at the reviews on the specific watch before you buy.

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