Junkers Watches Review: A Part of German History

junkers watches

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Junkers Watches Review: A Part of German History

junkers watches

Way back in the year 1895 a man by the name of Hugo Junkers from Germany decided to found his company, Junkers, and get into the military aviation business. Their record-breaking innovations in aircraft made them a mainstay supplier for the German military and commercial aviation companies as well. Hugo Junkers became one of the most influential people in German engineering and design, and his work was respected throughout the modern world.

Another very interesting part of his life was his attachment to the Bauhaus style and movement. He was one of the people who originally sponsored the design movement and is said to be very influential in getting the art school transferred to Dessau district. The Bauhaus minimalist design style has stuck around over the years and influenced everything from modern home design, to digital animation, and even watches. 

More recently, the original Junkers brand has been purchased and renamed Iron Annie. Junkers watches are still produced in Germany under the original name by members of Hugo Junkers’ family. You can still find the beautiful Bauhaus inspired watches on the market these days and that is what we are going to take a look at. If you are looking for a quality wristwatch with to-the-point minimalistic design, Junkers is a brand that is worth investing in.

1. Junkers Bauhaus Swiss
(Ref: 60505)

Junkers Bauhaus Swiss ETA Automatic Watch with Domed Hesalite Crystal 6050-5

We are going to start with this automatic 60505 model that has a very classic and minimalist look. The precise ETA automatic movement is protected by a sturdy stainless steel case that is connected to a comfortable and soft black leather strap with a buckle clasp. This is not a small watch at all but will ultimately feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

The dial is made from Hesalite crystal and there is a small date window at three o’clock. The face of the watch itself is light tam with minimalist silver hour markers and luminous hands. They have made the crown on the 6050-5 just the right size so your fingers aren’t fumbling. If you are looking for class and style this is going to be the watch for you.

2. Junkers Cockpit JU52 (Ref: 6144-3)

Mens Watches JUNKERS Cockpit JU52 6144-3

The Cockpit JU52 is, as you would expect, a pilots watch that is going to catch some serious attention. Starting with a very precise Swiss Ronda-quartz movement to keep your watch keeping the correct time, it is encased in a sturdy but lightweight silver stainless steel case. The JU52 is kept safely on your wrist by a black leather band that uses a buckle clasp system. 

The dial is itself looking very busy yet tame at the same time because everything has its place and is clearly marked. The silver hour and minute marks contrast well with the black background, and if that wasn’t enough the hands and the markers are luminous for easier viewing in low-light. You also get a wonderful looking and practical oversized diamond crown and a small date window at 3 o’clock.

3. Junkers Bauhaus 6046-2 Men’s Watch

JUNKERS 60462 Men's Quartz Battery Watch with Black Dial Analogue Display and Black Leather Strap

Next is a midrange selection with a clear Bauhaus influence, the 6046-2 model from Junkers. It starts, again, with a Swiss Ronda quartz movement for the utmost precision in timekeeping. The case is made from a durable silver stainless steel for protection and a great look. It stays on your wrists with a very comfortable black leather strap that is secured by a sturdy buckle clasp.

The watch has a strong Hesalite crystal that is going to protect the movement and everything that goes with it. You get a wonderful shine from the bright silver case and crown that really shows off against the deep black dial. And the fine Arabic numerals, both the hour and minute trains, are a fine testament to Bauhaus!

It is going to be difficult to find a better watch in the price range, so it is most certainly worth considering for your wardrobe.

4. Junkers Spitzbergen F13 (Ref: 6186-5)

Junkers Spitzbergen F13 Chronograph with Luminous Dial 6186-5

There are a number of military-inspired watches from Junkers, which is no surprise as they used to make planes for the war effort. The 6186-5, or Spitzbergen, is inspired by the F13 airplane and its arctic prowess. The watch is wonderfully precise with a Swiss Ronda quartz movement that is completely protected in a very strong, and unusual titanium case. The strap is made from a very comfortable leather which is secured with a buckle style clasp.

The crystal window is made from sturdy sapphire crystal for even more protection. If you are finding it hard to see the time your face is luminous and will light up at the touch of a button. The three subdials of the chronograph are found at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, with a small, almost unobtrustive date window is between 4-5 o’clock. To top it all off, there are two clean silver pushers on either side of the diamond-shaped crown. 

The F13 not only looks stunning, but the price is right, and you will not find better quality anywhere else. 

5. Junkers Expedition South America
(Ref: 6588-2)

Junkers Expedition South America Men's Watch Chrono 6588-2

The Expedition South America series is another aviation-themed style with some very interesting aesthetics. It starts with a Japanese Miyota quartz movement for very accurate timekeeping. It is protected by both a very sturdy stainless steel case and a mineral crystal dial. The silver hands and thick bezel really shine against the black leather strap and anthracite color dial. 

You get a variety of special features with this watch including a two subdials chronograph with a 60-minute timer, and a large date window at 3 o’clock. This watch is absolutely perfect for anyone who is remotely into aviation and enjoys the class and charm of minimalistic design.

6. Junkers G38 (Ref: 6946-5)

Junkers Watch G38 GMT 6946-5

This a very practical and stylish men’s watch that is going to turn a few heads when you wear it. The very precise Swiss Ronda quartz movement is protected by a gorgeous silver stainless steel case, with sharp edges and curved sharp lugs. The band is a beautiful and lightweight blue leather that is kept together with a standard buckle clasp.

The dial is a very light beige color with black dauphine style hands and a red-tipped hour hand that allows for a second time-zone. This so-called GMT function is not something you will see in most watches, especially at this low of a price. The icing on the cake is the fluorescent hands that let you see what time it is even in the pitch black. 

This watch is a real bargain for those looking to add something with quality and style to the lineup without breaking the bank at the same time.

7. Junkers Dessau 1926 Flatline
( Ref. 6360-4)

Junkers Dessau 1926 Flatline Automatic, Open-Heart Dress Watch 6360-4

The Dessau 1926 Flatline is a very stylish offering from Junkers that celebrates its military history with an amazing design. The movement is an automatic Citizen/Miyota hybrid with a maximum power reserve of up to 40 hours that keeps impeccable time. This movement is protected by a very sturdy silver stainless steel case and a rugged mineral crystal dial. The band is made from a comfortable black leather with a standard buckle clasp. 

The crowning piece of this watch’s design is the open heart at 7 o’clock that gives you a view of the actual movement’s mechanics. The clock face is a bright white that is offset with black alpha hands and hour markers. And, it has small seconds on a sub-dial which is offset to the open-heart at around 5 o’clock. 

This a wonderfully clean looking watch with just a little extra to keep things interesting.

8. Junkers G38 (Ref: 69605)

Junkers 6960-5 Mens G38 Brown Leather Strap Watch

Last up is the midrange G38 dress watch that features elegant features and a mix of quality and features. It is powered by a Citizen/Miyota automatic movement that keeps very precise time and is self-winding. The movement is surrounded with a tough stainless steel case and an affordable mineral crystal. It also has a variety of subdials and other features that make it well worth the price.

The black clock face has two subdials for the calendar and even a power reserve gauge for the movement at 12 o’clock. The hands are white to better contrast against the black background, and it has a larger sized crown for easier time-setting. This watch may look very busy on the face but it is still a minimalistic design for what you are getting.

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