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orient sun moon FET0T002S0 review

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Orient “Sun and Moon” Watch Review

Orient go out of their way to make something different in the watchmaking world and with the Sun and Moon watch they have certainly achieved that. 

How many of you have a watch that keeps track of the phases of the moon and sun? Not many I would guess. This is one complication you rarely see on a watch, let alone on one that is less than thousands of dollars!

The Style

The FET0T002S0 is in version 2 now and Orient have manage to keep the exceptional style of the original. It is a truly clean looking, classy watch that you could wear to work, for a night out, or if you please, just sitting on the couch.

But, with a leather strap, I would not be wearing this watch while doing sports.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what you get with such a stunning looking watch…

ORIENT Classic Sun and Moon Automatic White Dial Men's Watch (Model:FET0T002S0)

The Face

The FET0T002S0 is full of intricate details that are not obvious upon first inspection. But, if you take a close look at the images I have included, you will quickly appreciate the level of craftsmanship.

The white face is not at all plain, with an intricate guilloche pattern within the center, where there is no other dials, as well as raised dots outside the hour markers.

The roman numerals are a very fitting addition to this classicly styled face, using simple black against the pure white of the face is ideal.

The minute marker rail around the bezel edge is simple black dots, with larger ones every 5 minutes.

But, it’s the recessed dials for the complications that are most enticing. Starting with the date at 7-8 o’clock, this is not a regular square date window, but shows 3 days instead.

The day of the week is always handy, especially when you are on a long trip and forget the day of the week (does this only happen to me?). 

However, it’s the stunning sun and moon phases that are centrepiece of this watch. Uniquely crafted with individual faces on both the sun and moon, this is something that will have you mesmerised for hours. The only thing that detracts from it in my opinion at those brutal screws on the edge. That seems to spoil an otherwise faultless face.

The last thing worth mentioning is that this face is topped with a synthetic sapphire crystal which is a fitting cover for this face.

Orient FET0T002S0 sun moon face

Orient FET0T002S0 Face

Orient FET0T002S0 sun moon face detail

The Case

Although the case on this Orient watch is actually not that special, it does match the watch to a tee. The polished stainless steel finished gives a classy look that works well with the overall look and feel.

The case is a simple circular shape with a slight ridge on the inner edge and the standard tapering of the lugs to help curve the watch to the wearer’s wrist.

However, the back is at least something else. With a center exhibition backing you have yet again something unique on this watch. 

It is certainly not the most impressive exhibition back I have seen (see the Seiko Brightz for a better example) but is something you normally do not find on sub-thousand dollar watches.

The crown which you can see in the second image is also nothing to write home about, but again has a certain simplicity to it which helps us focus on the prize – the face of this watch.

Orient FET0T002S0 sun moon case side
Orient FET0T002S0 sun moon exhibition back

The Strap & Clasp

A watch of this style works exceptionally well with a genuine calf’s leather band. And the black crocodile pattern further helps to elevate the style of this watch.

I also love the clasp on the watch, which reminds me of my first experience with this on my old Certina. This is a great way to keep the leather from being abused as is normal when you only have a buckle, like on most watches. 

The clasp also adds a touch of flair to a strap that might otherwise not seem as top-notch as the rest of the watch.

In terms of size, for those perhaps looking to change the strap at some point, it’s 20mm which is a great choice for this size of watch.

Watch Size

The Orient Sun & Moon errs a little on the large side: with a diameter of 42.5mm and  a14mm thickness. Part of this is due to the automatic movement, and the multiple layers on the face. But, I think the overall features and quality of the watch more than make up for a little bulk.

The Movement

The last aspect of this watch worth mentioning is the movement. It is an Orient automatic movement, which is decent for the price. However, it is not top of its class in any way. It is the Orient 46B30 with only 21 jewels, no hacking or hand-winding, but it does support the complications on this watch (day, date, moon etc).

This is not to say that this movement is horrible, just that it is on the lower end of the automatic movement scale.  

The Specifications

For those who want to see the full specs in all their glory, here they are below:

Orient Sun and Moon Version 2 vs Version 3

ORIENT Classic Sun and Moon Automatic White Dial Men's Watch (Model:FET0T002S0)

ORIENT Men's 'Sun and Moon Version 3' Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch, Color:hite (Model: FAK00002S0)

Never one to rest on the laurels, Orient has also developed a newer version of this watch called “Version 3”.

The main differences between Orient’s Sun & Moon version 2 vs version 3 is in the dial. The position of the sun & moon phase sub-dial has changed, as well as the day of the week sub-dial. And, the Roman numerals have been lifted a little for more prominence.

The movement has also been updated to the F6B24, which features additional hacking and self-winding. So, if you like the new look of the watch, it is a far superior movement to the version 2, for almost zero difference in price.

Summing It All Up

The Orient Sun & Moon FET0T002S0 is one of the most stunning and unique dress watches I have seen at this price point.

Not only does it have the intricate details of a face you would get for thousands of dollars, it also smacks of class from every angle. And, an automatic movement at this price is a big plus, even if it is not a Rolex.

If you are seriously looking for a one-of-a-kind watch to wear out or to work, and impress anyone who sees it, this may just be the choice for you. 

Check it out on Amazon via the button below as they often have great prices and shipping.

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