Shinola Watches Review (American Made)

shinola luxury watches review

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Shinola Watches Review

Shinola are perhaps better known for their top-notch clothing and bags than they are for their watches. But they have certainly done a great job of making American made watches great again! This time, built right in Detroit.

They have a very specific style which you will quickly see in the models I have chosen below. However, their attention to detail, quality and making their own in-house movements is not something most new watch manufacturers choose to do. That is why Shinola watches are a little more expensive than most, but way cheaper than their Swiss counterparts, that’s for sure.

So, why not check out what kind of style and models they have to offer and whether they have something that suits you!

1. Shinola The Runwell Quartz

Shinola Detroit Men's The Runwell 47mm - 10000010 White/Tan

This Shinola watch is one of their most popular models. The Runwell has a their own high accuracy quartz movement – made with a mixture of Swiss and other parts.

These guys don’t mess around when it comes to watches, paying close attention to detail at every turn. Starting with the humble but detailed dial – which is a cream colored and matte-finished, finished with applied Arabic number on the indicies. The seconds sub-dial is a nice alternative to a standard 3-hand watch, and they have used top-notch Super-Luminova lume on the hands to ensure ease of use in the dark.

The case is a clean and round stainless steel, with a hat-tip to the aviator style crown with their “pumpkin” shaped version. The strap is also a very high quality stitched leather and a soft-nubuck backing to make it far more comfy on the wrist.

And of course, if you don’t like the specific color or style of the watch, there are some options, pictured below. Just click on the image to see more details.

Shinola Detroit Mens The Runwell 47mm - 10000012

Shinola Detroit Mens The Runwell 47mm - 10000141

Shinola Detroit Unisex The Runwell 41mm - 10000018 White/Natural

Shinola Detroit Unisex The Runwell 41mm - 20018280

2. Shinola Runwell Chrono

Shinola The Runwell Quartz Movement Silver Dial Men's Watch S0120077936

Continuing with Shinola’s successful Runwell collection, this Shinola watch gets a little more features with a two sub-dial chronograph and a date window at 6 o’clock. It is still powered with a Shinola-made quartz movement of course.

The style of the watch is only a little different here, accommodating the new features. Instead of the sub-dial with the seconds, this model has a second hand and sub-dials for minutes and hours.

There are a number of variants of the Chrono, as well as a slightly slimmer version called the Canfield Chrono, which might also be worth checking out. It is quite similar, but has a slightly thiner case edge and smaller face at 43mm, which might suit some of you better.

Shinola Detroit The Runwell Chrono 47mm - 10000047 Blue/Dark Brown One Size

Shinola The Runwell Chronograph Slate Blue Dial Deep Brown Leather Mens Watch 11000167

Shinola Detroit Mens The Runwell Chrono 47mm - 10000051

3. Shinola Canfield Detroit

Shinola Men's The Canfield 43mm Watch, Midnight Blue/Stainless, One Size

The Canfield is Shinola’s slimmer more refined collection, built on a slightly smaller case size that is more suitable to people with smaller wrists. The designers of this range have kept the overall Shinola look but refined the edge of the case, added a coin ridge to the bezel, a finer minute track and slim laser cut hands.

There is also a date window at 3 o’clock, but keeping with the design, it is unobtrusive and almost invisible.

Shinola The Canfield Quartz Movement Silver Dial Men's Watch 20089881

Shinola Detroit Men's The Canfield 43mm - 20001939 Black/Oxblood

4. Shinola Guardian

Shinola Men's The Guardian 41mm Watch, Tan/Cool Grey, One Size

I like the fact that Shinola have gone a little off base here and made a squarer shaped case for this collection. It is not something you see a lot of, or if you do, it is something quite classic like the Cartier Tank or something we all know well like the Tag Heuer Monaco. Don’t get me wrong, I love those watches too, but something new and stylish is always great to see.

This watch is very much a rounder version of the Runwell models above, but with squarer case gives it a far more unique look.

Shinola The Guardian Black Dial Leather Strap Men's Watch 20089896

Shinola Men's The Guardian 41mm Watch, Black/Milky White, One Size

Shinola The Guardian Cream Dial Leather Strap Men's Watch 20029582

5. Shinola Rambler

Shinola The Rambler Tachymeter 44mm Gunmetal Mens Watch - S0120065286

The last men’s model I want to touch upon is the Rambler. It is also quite a unique design and combines a chronograph with a tachymeter on the bezel to add a new touch.

The dial is very much in keeping with the Shinola design – clean, easy to read, with well lumed hands. The case is actually where it shines to me. The long case body leading towards the lugs gives it a very Seiko Sumo or Turtle look, which not many other watchmakers are bold enough to do. 

I also love the gun metal stainless steel that has been used on the case and bracelet and the complementary blue on the dial and bezel. Very sleek and modern.

Shinola The Rambler 600 Black Dial Titanium Chronograph Mens Watch 12007930

Shinola The Rambler Tachymerer Chrono Black Dial Mens Watch 12007928

6. Shinola Women's Range

Shinola certainly have not neglected women when it comes to their watch collection. In fact, they have more or less the same selection as the men, just with a more feminine touch. 

There is the Runwell range, Chronographs, some slimmer style watches and many more. Rather than run through them all, I have included a selection below.

Shinola The Runwell Quartz Movement White Dial Ladies Watch S0120089898

Shinola The Canfield Quartz Movement Brown Dial Ladies Watch S0120089886

Shinola The Cass Quartz Movement Nude Dial Ladies Watch 20065281

Shinola The Cass Quartz Movement Silver Dial Ladies Watch 20031979

Shinola Detroit Women's The Canfield 38mm - 20001934 Nude/Light Pink

Shinola The Birdy Quartz Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch 20077933Open Box

Shinola The Canfield Quartz Movement Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch 20018680

Shinola The Gomelsky Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch 12001102

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