Casio G-Shock GA-2100 Review

g-shock ga-2100 review

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Casio G-Shock GA-2100 Review

G-SHOCK CASIO Carbon Core Guard Ga-2100-1ajf Mens Japan Import

The Casio G-Shock GA-2100 range is yet another collection of stunning G-Shocks that have caught a lot of people’s attention. One of the main reasons is that this watch pays homage to the hexagonal superstar that is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. So, many people refer to it as the Casioak!

These G-Shock watches also come in a range of eye-catching colors from the all-black model shown above, to bright red, black with green and red accents, black with bright purple and a whole lot more.

On top of all of that, these models come with Casio’s standard 200m water resistance, shock resistance, and full range of digital watch functions like stopwatch, countdown timer and alarms.

And like their brothers and sisters in the GA-2000 range, this watch is also a combination of resin and carbon fiber, so super strong a light!

Casio G-Shock GA-2100 Features

The G-Shock GA-2100 series has all the features you would expect from a G-Shock, however none of the frills of the more expensive models (so NO atomic time keeping, tough solar or anything else fancy – it is a fairly cheap watch though :>) :
  • Japanese Tough Solar movement with “tough” movement protection
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Carbon Core Guard Structure with Carbon/Resin case/bezel
  • Resin Band
  • Double LED light
  • Stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 alarms, hourly signal, calendar, 12/24hr time,
  • 200m / 660ft water resistance
  • Case size: 48.5 × 45.4 x 11.8mm
  • Weight: 51g

The Dial

The dial of G-Shock GA-2100 is classic in many senses, but still comes with a few unique layout features.

The hour markers are large and clear rectangles with easy to read hour and minute hands. Of course, there is no second hand as this is taken care of by the digital display. That is done using a unique angled screen between 3 and 6 o’clock and helps you control all the other functions.

There is also an day of the week sub-dial at around 9 o’clock, with matching coloring on the markers.

Overall, although the dial is quite busy, you have to keep in mind there is a lot of fit on this dual-time (analog digital) watch when you have all those functions, and Casio has done a great job keeping it clean.

The Case & Bezel

 The G-Shock GA-2100 case and bezel comes with Casio’s own blend of resin and carbon fiber. They call it Carbon Core Guard structure because it is so light and strong. The whole watch comes in at just over 50 grams, which is insane for a watch.

The main unique thing about the bezel is the hexagonal shape which has become synonymous with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Hence the nickname of this watch – the Casioak! Get it? Not so funny huh!

All the buttons are recessed quite tightly at the typical 4 positions you find on all Casio G-Shock watches. 

Casio G-Shock GA-2100 Colors

The Casio G-Shock GA-2100 range comes in three main colors – all black (below), black with some gray accents, and all red.

They later released a more 90s throwback range that are black with purple/blue and green/red. These are harder to come by, but just as eye-catching.

G-Shock GA-2100-1A1 Black One Size

G-Shock GA-2100-1A1

G-Shock GA-2100-4A Red One Size

G-Shock GA-2100-4A

Casio G-shock Throwback 1990s Carbon Core Guard GA-2100TH-1AJF Mens

G-Shock GA-2100TH-1AJF

Casio G-shock Throwback 1990s Carbon Core Guard GA-2100THS-1AJR Mens

G-Shock GA-2100THS-1AJR

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