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daniel wellington watches

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Daniel Wellington Watches Review
Popular & Affordable

daniel wellington watches

Daniel Wellington came out of nowhere to be one of the top fashion watch brands you will find both on and offline today.

For me, they came to my attention a few years ago when my girlfriend got one for Christmas from her parents. Daniel who? I remember saying.

At first I was a little skeptical of a fashion watch brand with no history and no watch pedigree to speak of, but now, quite a few years later, both myself and my girlfriend are surprised by the quality of their watches. It’s as good as it was when she got it, save a few creases in the leather band, which of course is entirely normal.

What’s The Story With Daniel Wellington

The story goes, according to their website, that their creator met a man who loved matching old vintage watches together with NATO nylon bands to create a style that was both timeless and modern. Inspired by this man, who’s name was Daniel Welling, the founder Filip Tysander decided to create his own watches along these lines.

What you will find today is that all Daniel Wellington watches a super minimalistic, a little like Skagen, and all come in a very similar style. The face or band may vary a little, but you can quickly see it is a Daniel Wellington.

One of the best things they have done is to make swapping out the band very simple, which is perhaps inline with the idea of the man himself who liked wearing NATO nylon straps. Such straps require you to take of the one you get with the watch and to thread it through instead. Most people don’t know how, or can’t be bothered, so making it simple is important.

The Quality Of Daniel Wellington Watches

I must say I did not expect much when my girlfriend got her’s. But nearly 3 years later, it still looks as good as new.

Sure, it only has a quartz movement inside, and a mineral glass on top of the dial, but most people don’t need to spend thousands to get a fancy Rolex with an automatic movement and sapphire glass. That all costs a lot more money.

Instead, you get exactly what you need – a steel case, leather or NATO nylon strap, a reliable watch that won’t easily scratch or break (but is not a Casio G-Shock either, so don’t expect it to last while doing rough sports).

If you like elegant, and modern dress watches that go with almost any outfit, this is really a good choice. 

So, without going on any further about the brand, here are some of their more popular models…

1. Daniel Wellington Women's Classic St. Mawes

Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes 36mm Unisex Watch, Japanese Quartz Movement Classic Leather Rose Gold Watches for Men and Women

One of the most popular of Daniel Wellington’s models is the Classic St Mawe’s. It is a timless dress watch that will go with almost any outfit.

The ivory white dial has clean, thin rose gold hour markers interspersed with small black minutes. The gold hands are equally clean and straight, matching the thin case and tiny crown.

There are a number of leather straps you can get with this particular model, and they are all easily interchangeable, which is by design. This one comes with a brown leather strap, which matches it to a tee. however, you could also go with a Nato strap if you want something more casual.

2. Daniel Wellington Women's Winchester

Daniel Wellington Women's 0906DW Winchester Stainless Steel Watch With Striped Nylon Band

Moving to something with a little more bling, this Winchester model will definitely show more of your personality in a flash. 

Starting with the small crystal hour markers, which are refined yet subtle, the Winchester is topped off with a rose gold case and hands. Aside from the usual reverse D logo, there is almost nothing else on this minimalistic dial, just like Daniel Wellington had inspired.

The NATO pink-stripe strap is a definite standout on this model, but don’t forget you can easily exchange it.

3. Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Bondi

Daniel Wellington Petite Watch 32mm Double Plated Stainless Steel (316L) Rose Gold

If white is your color of choice then Daniel Wellington has your back with this model. An eggshell white dial with simple gold hour markers and hands is offset by the pure white leather strap. Not much else to say.

4. Daniel Wellington Dapper St Mawes

Daniel Wellington Dapper St Mawes 38mm

Straying from the standard face is the Dapper St Mawes. It has bold Roman numerals for hour markers and a stunning ice blue set of hands. There is also a petite date window at 6 o’clock with a smart leather strap to finish it all off. 

Daniel Wellington’s are always minimalistic, but this one is a little bit different to the rest.

5. Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose 28mm Women's Watch, Stainless Steel (316L) Rose Gold Watch for Women

Getting a little more sophisticated, the Petite Melrose has dress watch written all over it. The deep black face and gold hour markers and hands are well complimented by the mesh gold steel bracelet. It is also a very slim watch at 28mm wide, so is great for those with petite wrists.

This model will work well for a night on the town or a dinner date on a Saturday night!

5. Daniel Wellington Women's Classy York

The last model I want to show you is the Classy York. Like its sister above, this is a slim model meant for the more petite wrist. However, unlike the other one, this is a tad smaller, and a whole lot more subdued. 

The white face with crystal hour markers gives it a little bling, but the otherwise standard stainless steel case and black leather strap will match almost any outfit.

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