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adam savage watches omega seamaster

Adam Savage (Myth Busters) Watches – What Does He Wear?

Adam Savage from Myth Busters is famous for being a bit of a tinkerer. He loves taking things apart, doing a lot of DIY and as a result perhaps, he also loves watches.

Especially fully mechanical watches.

A lot of people have noticed that he often wears the same watches, but wonder what models they are.

In this quick post I am going to show you exactly what watches he wears, as well as a few others he owns, or he has spoken of before.

Note: If you want to see him speak in depth on his tested show and a podcast about watches, you can watch the videos at the bottom of this post. The second one in particular is worth watching as Michael Stevens shares his unusual watch collection!


Adam Savage's Main Watches

Omega Seamaster

Omega Men's 2210.51.00 Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Chronometer Chronograph Watch

The main watch that Adam absolutely loves and wears the most is his Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Chronometer (Black). You can see it in the image below.

This is a classic, and expensive Omega watch that actually comes in a huge variety of colors, bands and faces. But Adam likes to keep it simple. Apart from the red arabic numbers at 3,6,9 and 12, it is a very classic look.

The full specs are below the image…

Seiko Pepsi SKX009

Seiko Men's SKX009K2 Diver's Analog Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

The other main daily beater that Adam loves, because it is so much like the Omega but at a fraction of the price, is the Seiko SKX009 – aka Seiko Pepsi (because of its blue and red bezel).

The Seiko Pepsi is another classic that is still sold around the world and loved by many a watch fan, and diver. It is a super high quality watch that comes in a price range way below a thousand dollars, so very affordable for someone who wants an Omega or Rolex style dive watch.

Below are the specs of the classic Seiko Pepsi. 

Seiko Dive Watch - Modified

As I mentioned above, Adam loves the decent price of the Seikos and was excited to learn that there is a huge “seiko mod” community. He then went on to buy a modified Seiko that looks almost exactly like his Omega Seamaster!

It has a modified bezel, number markers, lum and perhaps a few other things he did not mention in the video below.

I found a good shot of it (vs his Omega) on his Twitter account, and you can see them both below.

adam savage watches omega seiko

Adam Savages Modified Seiko vs Omega Seamaster

Other Watches Adam Owns

As a huge watch fan Adam can’t stop at just 3 watches, right?

He also has some of the following:

Header Image Courtesy of: Rex Hammock


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