Retro Casio Vintage Watches – Making a Comeback

casio retro watches

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Retro Casio Watches - Making A Comeback!

casio retro watches

Casio are renowned for the G Shock watches today, but they have actually been making digital watches since the 1970s. 

If you were around in those times, you will remember the classic plastic Casio digital quartz watches, with clear time display, backlight and buttons on the side. They are almost unmistakable in their style and simplicity.
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They are so timeless that even today, you will see them on people’s wrist as a statement of what style means to them. 

A friend of mine wears one every day, despite his girlfriend thinking it’s not cool! 

What does she know, right? Retro is back, and a Casio digital watch is one of the best ways to make your claim. And, because they are digital, you won’t need to get your watch repair kit out so often, except maybe to change the battery!

So, what models are available online today? Let’s take a peek…

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1. Casio F-91W-1 Digital Watch

casio F91W-1 retro watch

If we are going to talk about retro Casio watches, then I have to start with the classic to beat all classics – the F-91W. It has long been a staple of Casio fans, and has even been seen on the wrist of Obama, when he was a school. You can read a more detailed review of it here.

It is probably one of the simplest, cheapest and most timeless of all Casios. A simple black resin case and band, with time (12 or 24hr time), day and date on display, as well as an alarm.

What more can you ask for in a simple and almost throw away watch!

2. Casio Vintage A168WA-1

Casio Men's Vintage A168WA-1 Electro Luminescence Watch

If you love the old-school Casio look, but also want to wear your watch to work, then this retro model is definitely the one for you.

With the all stainless steel case and band, you would almost mistake it for a dress watch. But of course, like all early Casios it has a digital display, complete with day and date. It also comes with an array of buttons to help set those two, as well as run a stop watch and illuminate the dial in low-light.

And for just a couple of ten dollar notes, how can you go wrong with a watch like this?

Note: A similar model, the A158WA-1DF, also comes in a whole range of colors, which I have linked to below.

3. Casio CA53W-1 Calculator Watch

Casio Men's Vintage CA-53W-1CR Calculator Watch

Remember the days when only the school geeks wore an 80s calculator watch? Well, those days are long gone and now everyone is wearing some electronics on their wrists, even if it is an Apple watch.

This vintage model brings me back to my youth and the excitement of being able to not only tell the time with my watch, but also use it in math class too! Of course it comes with all the other trappings of a Casio digital watch like alarm and stopwatch.

And, unlike the model above, it is more like a true 1980s Casio with the all black resin case and strap.

4. Casio Digital World Time AE1200WHD-1A

Casio Men's Classic Stainless Steel Japanese-Quartz Stainless-Steel Strap, Silver, 21 Casual Watch (Model: AE1200WHD-1A)

Upping the ante in terms of complexity, this World Time model does what it says on the box. 

This watch stores all the times for 48 cities around the world, as well as enabling you to set your time and 3 other preferred zones, so that you can easily cycle through them. 

It also has a fun world map above the time display, which is used when checking the time zones. And of course all the usual digital watch features like alarm (5 available), stop watch and back lighting. 

You can check out this video for a full run-through of all features (there are a lot).

It also comes in a few other colors and style, which you can see below.

5. Casio Women's Vintage LA670WGA-1DF

Casio Women's Vintage LA670WGA-1DF Daily Alarm Digital Gold-tone Watch

The classic Casio steel band model is also to be found in the women’s range. 

This gold Casio watch might be more up most ladies street, although I am just making an assumption there (we have not clue as guys).

It has the standard digital time display, a calendar, alarm, as well as a stop watch. 

The gold colored case and band are also copied to the buttons and some of the lettering, which is a nice touch.

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